Location Template


This is the Location Template. Please feel free to use it to create a standard location within the Locations Area of the Databank.

Location Template

Name: [What is your location called?]

Location In Solar System: [Where is this station/outpost?]

Affiliation: [Who owns your station? Earth, Mars, OPA, or independent?]

Size: [How big is your station? Please keep individually submitted stations on the smaller size, we’re not looking to build large cities, but more town like communities. Generally stations in the Belt are fairly small.]

Population: [How many people live on your station? Please make this reasonable and remember that even the largest of stations only hold a few thousand people at the most]

Purpose: [Why was your station originally built and what does it do now? IE mining, colony, research outpost.]

Description: [What does your station look like? Is it a singular metal structure? An asteroid base? A moon outpost?]

History: [What has happened on your station since it’s construction? Was there a belter rebellion? Or has it functioned without incident?]

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