How this wiki is organised

The following structural elements are used to organise this wiki. They form a rough hierarchy of groupings.


  • These are the largest groups of articles.
  • Articles can only be within one area.
  • Only admins can create Areas.


  • These are smaller groups within an Area.
  • Articles within a Sub-Area are not displayed on the main Area list
  • We do not intend to have a significant number of sub-areas.
  • An example is NPCs within Characters
  • Only admins can create sub-area


  • These group a category of items within an Area/Sub-Area
  • Categories are visible as items within an Area
  • Only Moderators can create Categories
  • You can find the full list of available Categories here


  • Tags are flexible, cross-area designations that can be applied to articles
  • Multiple tags can be applied to any article
  • Any member can create and use tags

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