Character Template

Welcome to our Character Template. Please feel free to copy and paste this template to create your own character page in the Characters area. You can delete optional lines from the Character Infobox (If you look at the page you can also see how to recolour it to your taste. There is also a Character Infobox 2 for a more sleek look.


Insert Name here
AgeAge of character
HairHair Colour
EyesEye Colour
SkinSkin Colour
Personal Details
OccupationWhat is their occupation?
Place of BirthWhere were they born?
Faction AffiliationWho are they affiliated with?
HomeWhere do they live?
RankRank (optional)
StatusAlive/Dead/Unknown (optional)
Alias(es)Other Aliases (optional)
Relationship(s)Relationships (optional)
RelativesRelatives (optional)


Place of Birth: [Where was your character born, Earth, Mars, or somewhere on the Belt? Keep in mind that this will heavily affect your characters background and although each world has varying economic classes, every place in the solar system has its unique quirks that will affect the traits of your character and their limitations. For information on those effects, look at Earth, Mars, and The Belt)
Faction Affiliation: [Just because you were born somewhere doesn’t mean you’re loyal to it. Which of the Solar Systems factions does your character hold their Allegiance to? If you're more the lone wolf time simply put “independent”]
Home: [The solar system is a big place and travel can be both expensive and difficult. Where can your character generally be found?]

Everyone in the galaxy is good at something, whether it’s flying, fighting, shooting, or fixing old junkers. What are your characters major skills?(Please limit to two initial choices)

The effects of the various inhabitable places of the solar system can be cruel at times. Whether you're from the richest districts of Earth or the Poorest station on the Belt, you'll encounter some difficulty because of it. What debilitation does your character hold due to their origin? For ideas of what those could be, look at Earth, Mars, and The Belt)

What is your character's personality? Are they mean? Charismatic? Rude?

What is your characters background? Are they a former United Nations Marine gone rogue? An OPA radical who's attempting to bring about change due to an unfortunate event in their past? Your background can be as rich or as mysterious as you want it to be, but must contain elements of the board general story which can be found here.

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Character Template Coding
You can play along with the headers by changing the number. For example the headers change from the numbers 1 through 5.


[template]Character Infobox
| Avatar=
| Name=Insert Name here
| Age=Age of character
| Height=1.23m
| Weight=70kgs
| Hair=Hair Colour
| Eyes=Eye Colour
| Skin=Skin Colour
| Occupation=What is their occupation?
| Birth=Where were they born?
| Affiliation=Who are they affiliated with?
| Home=Where do they live?
| Gender=Gender
| Rank=Rank (optional)
| Status=Alive/Dead/Unknown (optional)
| Aliases=Other Aliases (optional)
| Relationship=Relationships (optional)
| Relatives=Relatives (optional)





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