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The Juice (or Dzhush as it’s known in Belter Creole) is the colloquial name given to the cocktail of chemicals that is used by humans to stay conscious during high-g burns. The drugs keep a ship’s bridge crew conscious and alert.

Using the juice is an unpleasant experience. Needles inject the drugs right into the system through membranes in the crash couch. It is an unpleasant experience, even for those used to it. Users have described it as their heart shuddering and bands of iron closing around their brain. Spines run cold and faces flush before the high kicks in.

Coming down off the juice is just as nasty. Users generally feel nauseated, shook, and drained of energy. Uncontrollable shaking is normal and most individuals crash shortly after the drugs work their way out of the system. Users will also feel pain and depression for several hours afterward.

Non essential personnel receive a different juice dose, one that keeps them alive but sedated throughout the stresses of a high-g burn.

Information taken from Leviathan Wakes.

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