UNN Thomas Cochrane


UNN Thomas Cochrane
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OwnerCpt Aaron Mendelssohn
RolePatrol Ship, Hunter-Killer, Capital Escort
Size/ClassHeavy Cruiser
Crew Size300
Previous Owner(s)Dolores Muwangwa
FleetInterior Patrol Fleet
Present for battles/eventsMultiple skirmishes in and around the Belt, Eros incident, Io Incident

The UNN Thomas Cochrane is one of the first of the new line of Temerity-Class Fast-Attack Cruisers built for the United Nations Navy. These cruisers are sleek, high-tech vessels, designed to directly compete with her High-Tech Martian counterparts.

The Temerity boasts a slightly improved weapons suite in exchange for a reduced crew complement. A ventral mounted medium railgun at the fore, and another, dorsal-mounted railgun at the aft. Her PDC's are equivalent to others in her Class and are well positioned to cover every angle on the ship. On top of these, she has eight torpedo launchers, each with a silo of approximately fifty torpedoes, with a variety of warheads ranging from flechettes, to plasma, to a nuclear payload.

The Thomas Cochrane carries with it a single company of marines, and enough assault vessels to launch a boarding attack, as well as a relatively small complement of medical and engineering supplies to be deployed in the event that the ship is called upon to act in a support role, although this tends to only occur in the event of an emergency. Presently, the ship is loaded for tactical operations.

The Ship has eight main decks:
  • 1) Command and Control Deck: The smallest part of the ship, this deck houses the Bridge, the CIC Room, the Ops Deck, and the Navigation Room, as well as the Captain's Ready Room, where they can hold more private meetings, or get that most precious luxury of quiet.
  • 2) Marine Staging Deck: This part of the ship is largely handed over to the ship's attached marine company, with storage for power armour and the marines' personal weapons, as well as a briefing room, crash couches, and a docking bay.
  • 3) Citadel: The beating heart of the ship. This heavily armoured deck houses the cruiser's engines and the powerplants and magazines that supply the weapon batteries. Needless to say, a hit to this vital location is the last thing anybody wants.
  • 4) Galley, Medical Bay, and Brig: Here can be found the kitchens and eating space for the crew, a well-supplied medical bay, and a brig that is, if nothing else, clean. There is also a small recreational space for the crew to spend what little free time they get.
  • 5) Crew Quarters: The Captain and XO get their own private quarters, the officers share three-person rooms and the enlisted crew sleep in cramped dormitories.
  • 6) Cargo Bay: Small for a ship of its class, the Cargo Bay is nonetheless well-kept.
  • 7) Engineering Bay: Home to the Cochrane's well-trained engineering staff. Repairs to the ship, or to any other machinery, are conducted from, or carried out, in this space.
  • 8) Hangar Bay: A small hangar, again, for a ship of its class, but well-maintained and efficient in its operation. It holds small assault craft, though since its refit, it can no longer carry a corvette.
The ship is mostly designed for patrol and combat missions, watching over busy shipping lanes with its advanced array of sensors, or getting stuck in to pitched naval battles. It is especially adept at hunting hostile ships that are attempting to hide or flee. However, due to its frontline status, it is also occasionally expected to play a diplomatic role, maintaining the uneasy peace between the United Nations and the Martian Congressional Republic.

The ship is named for Thomas Cochrane, the 10th Earl of Dundonald, a daring and successful British naval officer of the Napoleonic Wars, nicknamed by Napoleon "Le Loup des Mers", or "The Sea Wolf." He also led the navies of Chile and Brazil to victory during their wars for independence.


-Captain: Cpt Aaron Mendelssohn
-Executive Officer: Lt Cdr Tessa Afeaki
-Second Officer: Lt Pierre Collin
-Third Officer: Lt Teresa Knowles
-Helmswoman: Lt Hyou Jae-Kwan
-Comms Officer: Lt Rosa Boyle
-Chief Navigator: Lt Kirill Ekaterinovich Vikoyan
-Sensors Officer: Lt Shivam Eriksen
-Weapons Officer: Lt Maria Suarez
-Ship’s Doctor: Dr Sophia Lorentz
-Chief Engineer: Lt Cdr Sara Temenzukhov
-Marine Team Leader: Cpt Mehmet Ahmadi
-Ship’s Cook: Solomon Ekobo


The Thomas Cochrane was commissioned in 2346, the sister ship of the Temerity. She has spent much of her service time on patrol between the Inner Planets and the Belt, hunting pirates and smugglers, protecting coalition supply routes.

Patrol Group Charybdis

After Dolores Muwangwa was assigned command of the Cochrane, it was made the Flagship of Patrol Group Charybdis, a small force of light ships tasked with overseeing trading routes that pass by Mars and known OPA hideouts.

Eros Incident

In response to the developing situation with Eros, the Thomas Cochrane, along with the UNN Jakarta has been ordered to travel to Eros with all due speed to investigate, while Captain Hilde Løken of the UNN Valentina Tereshkova takes temporary command of the Patrol Group.

Command Transfer

Captain Aaron Mendelssohn was given command of the Cochrane after Dolores Muwangwa was transferred to the UNN Yi Sun-Shin and the Fast-Response Taskforce
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