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UNN Eye of the Moon

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UNN Eye of the Moon
UNN Eye of the Moon

S-HC-86 (Registry Number)

Commodore Adam Williams

260 meters

72 meters

6 x S-360 Series Epstein Drives

2 x Wadjet-Type Medium Railguns


24x Lioness 40mm PDCs

3x Z-Type Recon Dropship Skiff

550 personnel, 100 UN Marines


Bush Orbital Shipyards

Mainstay attack cruiser, Mobile command center, Second in Command

Under Transfer to Battlegroup Truman

Heavy Cruiser

The Eye of the Moon is the second-in-command ship of Battlegroup Truman. Once the second-in-command of Battlegroup Knight, her captain, Adam Williams, takes command over the Battlegroup should the CO, Admiral Thomas Pearson, be incapacitated.
Uniform Badge of the UNN Eye of the Moon. It is usually patched onto the Uniforms of the Moons crewmembers or on ship specific equipment as well as a decorative symbol on bulkheads and wall panels. Normally it is either patched directly on the left or right side of the chest or beneath the Battlegroup badge on the left shoulder.


The captain of the ship is Commodore Adam Williams, an experienced 54-year-old Officer who served most of his life in the navy. Due to his experience, he often looks down on younger officers and their impulsive behavior. He is an extreme earth loyalist that grew up in times were it was vital to demonstrate force to ensure survival, because of this he often butts heads with the current leadership and wants to take a military approach to the Mars problem rather than try diplomacy.


The Eye of the Moon is a sturdy and reliant UNN Warship with long and diverse service history, being deployed all over the solar system.


The Eye of the Moon was commissioned about five decades ago as the Vanessa´s Pride. The Saladin-Class of ships was already aged at that time but famed to be reliant and sturdy.

Early Service

She served 20 years in the Navy until she was badly damaged in battle and transferred to a scrapyard to be decommissioned.
But a sudden rise in martian military spending eventually saved the ship from getting scrapped and taken apart. It was recommissioned and brought back into service to increase Earth's fighting strength.

Present Day

When the recommission was done and the ship was finally ready to be brought back into combat, her new Captain, Adam Williams, chose to rename her into the Eye of the Moon. After almost 15 years in service in various UNN operations, she was reassigned to the Cruiser Group Knight, a new battlegroup that is part of the Saturn Fleet.

After the UNN Pete Knight foundered during the Battle of Io, the crew went under transfer to the newly founded Battlegroup Truman, under command of Admiral Thomas Pearson. As of date, the Eye of the Moon was integrated into the fledgling Battlegroup Truman after the commanding admiral returned to his post from shore leave.