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Put any Truman-class dreadnoughts as chapters in this book if you have possession of such vessel. You are also welcome to edit this if you have knowledge of the dreadnought.


The UNN Harry S. Truman, lead vessel

The Truman-class dreadnought is the third largest vessel in the UNN. Famed for its excellent design, sturdiness, and reliability, the Truman-class dreadnoughts have protected the UN's interests for decades, even when challenged by newer battleships such as the Donnager-class battleships.


Early History

A distant relative of historic president Harry S. Truman contracted Bush Orbital Shipyards for a brand new vessel. It was to be the most powerful and versatile vessel the UN has ever built, and at the time of surging MCR and Belter population and power, it was dearly needed. The contractor designed the vessel himself, harnessing all of his experiences while serving on various vessels to create an all-in-one design while keeping the qualities of a dreadnought at hand. The vessel was constructed in 2280 by the best shipwrights Bush could offer. As it was a new vessel, it had a glorious ceremony upon its christening, and it went on an orbital tour before going into space trials.

Production and Service Run

The vessel fared incredibly well during space trials despite being constructed with supercharged S-395 Epstein drives, which were more like a stopgap measure for constructing the vessel on time without the new S-400 Epstein blueprints on hand. Numbers 24-47 in the UNN dreadnought roster were taken mostly by the Truman vessels, from T-DRN-25 onwards being equipped by the standard issue S-400 series Epstein drives.

It would serve to be the flagship of many battlegroups, serving as a symbol of UN authority and being notorious in the eyes of pirates. Its size in the UN would only be surpassed by the much larger Xerxes-class battleship, of which even less numbers were built.

New Developments

In light of the access to the ring system and subsequent scraps and resources, the UN decided to reactivate its Truman line of ships for a short run. Numbers 48-54 in the roster were taken by Truman vessels, with a potential to have one Truman vessels be built to BB configuration. A moderate budget was given to the Truman program to have the lead ship test out new technologies for the Truman fleet, and one vessel, the UNN Tripoli, had been built in 2354 with new technologies.

Vessels Listed

Vessel count: 21 (+5)
  • UNN Harry S. Truman, T-DRN-24 - Active
  • UNN Agatha King, T-DRN-32 - Foundered during the Battle of Io
  • UNN Pete Knight, T-BC-9 - Foundered during the Battle of Io
  • UNN Thomas Prince, T-DRN-47 - Active
  • UNN Okimbo, T-DRN-30 - Active
  • UNN Tripoli, T-DRN-48 - Active


Having been a stalwart design, the Truman-class vessels were subject to experimental designs. Ships too damaged to be rebuilt to standard spec would be selected to experiment new technology on the Truman basis as well as older vessels going through refit, with suggestions from the crew of such vessels.

One significant vessel was the UNN Pete Knight, a shining symbol of old design to new technology fusion. Because it was much quicker than regular Trumans, it was reclassified as a battlecruiser, the only one of its kind.


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