The Durango

The Durango
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OwnerHenry Noam
Crew Size3
PDCs?2x PDC turrets
Torpedoes?2x self loading torpedo tubes
Previous Owner(s)Unknown
Crew MembersHenry Noam
Commissioned5 years ago


[​IMG]The Durango is an old mid-tier racing pinnace. She has a bright blue paint job, two mismatched PDCs and torpedo tubes, and three drive cones that take up most of her volume. Her insides consist of a small cockpit/cabin, med bay, and galley.



The Durango was built by a Luna corporation as a mid-tier racing pinnace. She was completely stock when Henry and Damian bought her, but quite weathered.

Early Service

Not much is known about her previous owners or early service. She was most likely owned by a wealthy citizen of Mars or Luna who used her to entertain friends or impress clients. Eventually, and under somewhat ambiguous circumstances, she fell into the possession of one Grigor Gadhavi, a two-bit street thug who really should steal more valuable things. It was from him that Henry Noam and Damian Slavko bought her.

Soon after buying the Durango, Henry and Damian were anxious to replenish their savings, so they started entering her into races with Henry at the helm. They made good money, as Henry was an exceptional pilot, until one day a man by the name of Ravi Moffat offered them a hefty sum to drugs from New Providence Station to Eros. This was much before the incident. Thus began their career as pirates. As the jobs became more frequent, the duo used salvage and ingenuity to upgrade the Durango’s weapons and cargo storage. Later, they hired Mack Makiyama as engineer and Malik Shah as cook and additional labor.

Present Day

Today, the Durango is Henry Noam's private yacht.
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