Pale Horse Support Cruiser

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Pale Horse (Support Cruiser)
Liam Keating
OwnerProvidence Shipwrights & Engineering
RoleFleet Support
Crew Size300
PDCs?50x PDC turrets
Torpedoes?6 x self loading torpedo tubes
Railguns?2 x heavy railgun turrets
AffiliationProvidence Shipwrights & Engineering
Previous Owner(s)NA
Crew Membersvaries
FleetProvidence Security Fleet
Commissioned1 year ago


The Pale Horse is a newly built support vessel, commissioned by and built at Providence Shipyards, at New Providence Station. It is the largest vessel ever constructed by Providence Shipyards, eclipsing the Daedalus due to its extended repair and refit facilities adding an extra 30 metres to the ship's overall length.

At 800 metres, the Pale Horse can support dozens of corvette class vessels, several destroyer class vessels or up to four cruisers depending on size and configuration. The vessel was originally intended to be a mobile refit facility, however due to the increasingly unstable political climate, the vessel had has robust weapons systems added to it an an effort to increase safety and resilience.

The vessel has been designed to support New Providence Station's increasing presence in the solar system, by being able to project force throughout the belt and outer planets. In peacetime, the vessel acts in a primarily humanitarian sense, delivering cargo, goods and supplies to vulnerable stations and outposts in the system.


The Pale Horse is armed with 2 Mantis-Type high-yield heavy railgun turrets, 6 auto-loading torpedo bays and 50 Nassau-Leiland 40mm Point Defence Cannons spread evenly across the vessels hull for maximum defensive coverage. Due to its complex AI supported targeting network and powerful sensor array, the Pale Horse has an effective targeting range comparable to most Martian warships. However as the vessel is primarily a support vessel its focus is primarily on defence, as evidenced by its extensive PDC network. As the vessel lacks any semblance of armour, it relies heavily on its PDC network to neutralise any threats. However if the vessel is unable to avoid a conflict, it will bring its formidable railgun and torpedo arsenal to bear.

The forward section of the vessel is the most visually striking and unique aspect of the vessel. When fully laden with cargo, the "drum" contains many hundreds or thousands (depending on size and configuration) of cargo containers. When operating in a fleet support sense, the drum section can be used as a mobile shipyard, with extensive rail mounted repair and refit facilities surrounding and securing vessels. These refit facilities are able to support a wide variety of vessels, including corvettes, freighters, haulers, frigates, cruisers and passenger ships.

  • Advanced hospital
  • Comfortable living quaters
  • Extensive cargo space
  • Powerful sensor array
  • Shipyard spec repair and refit bays

The Pale Horse is the last vessel to be completed as part of the Providence Security Fleet. Thus far it has spent its entire life in a shipyard drydock, being constructed and tested. Due to several external events and general rising tensions, the construction of the Pale Horse has been made a high priority.

It is due for completion within the next month.

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