NPS Kanyari

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NPS Kanyari
Studio Qube via ArtStation
OwnerDamian Slavko
RoleFast Attack Corvette
Crew Size6/10
Railguns?2 (experimental coilgun)
AffiliationNew Providence Station/OPA
Previous Owner(s)Bill Buttersworth
Crew MembersDamian Slavko (Captain)
Henry Noam (XO)
Mack Makiyama (Engineer)
Rachel Lei (Gunner)
Afza Mirev (Doctor)
Malik Shah (Cook/Security)
FleetNew Providence Security Fleet
Commissioned10 years ago


The Kanyari is a canary yellow attack corvette with three PDCs, two self-loading torpedo bays, and two experimental turret mounted coilguns. She is 42m long, and her cockpit, and crew decks sit between her two drive plumes and engine decks. She is under contract to New Providence Station as a member of her Security Fleet.


Captain: Damian Slavko
Pilot/XO: Henry Noam
Gunner: Rachel Lei
Chief Engineer: Yamato “Mack” Makiyama
Doctor: Dr. Afza Mirev
Cook/Security: Malik Shah


The vessel began its life as a basic test frame, nothing more than a pair of Epstein drives and a cockpit supported by basic superstructure. As systems were added, the design was steadily built and improved upon, and the vessel grew into a warship in its own right.

After several years of testing its twin drive assembly, PDCs and torpedo tubes were added along with several pressurised decks that allowed crew to traverse the vessel without requiring vacuum suits. These pressurised decks included the bridge, crew quarters, a galley, a cargo bay and two engineering sections that doubled as machine shops when required.

After more testing, the vessel was loaded up with more equipment to bring down the vessel's agility which resulted in several fractured necks and spines of its test crews. Armour plating was added as well as self-loading mechanisms for the torpedo tubes.

Following a series of successful tests, the vessel was outfitted with a pair of experimental coilguns, devices similar to the standard rail gun used by the inner planets navies, with several key differences making the devices smaller and lighter, at the cost of raw destructive power.

At close range, the weapons could penetrate armour of other vessels. However, the targeting of the devices had to be done with a highly advanced AI counterpart to make successful hits. If a round was missfired it would simply embed itself in a bulkhead or armour plate. Special care must be taken to fire the rounds into weak spots or vulnerable systems where they can do the most damage.

This eventually necessitated the implementation of an advanced AI Core, installed at the rear of the bridge. The core is a black, metal, 1x1m cube with glowing edges. It contains an “ancillary” version of the NPS Core AI. This AI was plugged into many aspects of the vessel, and during quiet moments can be heard humming and murmuring to itself at the back of the bridge. This AI works closely with the bridge crew, especially the gunner, to correctly utilise the vessels experimental weaponry.

Multiple tests with the vessel's drives, weapon systems and crews meant it’s service was no longer required. Construction of a new generation of corvette was now underway based off the flight tests made with the prototype vessel. It was transferred to a holding facility whilst management decided what to do with it.

The vessel was eventually given to a crew of belters as payment for a series of upcoming jobs. The vessel was rechristened the NPS Kanyari.


The Kanyari was built at New Providence Shipyards as a prototype for the “White Horse” attack corvette.

Early Service

The vessel underwent several years of prototype flight tests since it’s construction. As an experimental spaceframe, its capabilities were as of yet untested. As time went on, its twin drives were implemented, followed by weapon systems, crew decks, armour and other additions.

Present Day

The vessel was last recorded leaving New Providence Station under a new transponder name. The vessel was rumoured to have been given to a crew of belters familiar with the stations acting Governor, William Buttersworth.

The vessel was last seen heading in the direction of Jupiter.

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