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MCRN Caladbolg


  • Image Credit: Star Citizen Wiki
  • Owner: Jupiter Fleet
  • Affiliation: MCRN
  • Alias: The Rainbow Boat (OPA)
  • Role: Patrol Ship/Rescue/Capital Support
  • SIZE: Cruiser
  • Crew: 300
  • Extraneous Personnel: ≤300
  • PDCs: 16
  • Torpedoes: 4/16/200
  • Rail Guns: 2 (Small)
  • Shuttles: 10
  • AS-111 Longtail: 10
  • Theme: Music

The MCRN Caladbolg is a Raptor-class fast-attack cruiser of the Martian Congressional Republic Navy. During the events described in Caliban's War, Raptor-class cruisers are described as top-of-the-line Martian military hardware, and more than a match for any United Nations Navy destroyer (the next smallest class of ship after cruisers).

Up until the incident with the Canterbury she was part of a coalition patrol featuring ships from both Earth and Mars that minded common shipping routes.

The Raptor-class is armed with two rail guns, one dorsal near the rear and one ventral at the front. Like other ships within her class, the Caladbolg does have PDCs. These are positioned all along the ship's hull for defense against torpedoes and close range attackers. The Caladbolg has four torpedo launchers which are fixed missile silos capable of firing torpedoes with plasma or nuclear warheads. Each of these launchers has four tubes. Each silo is capable of holding up to fifty torpedoes.

She is capable of carrying two full companies of Martian Marine Corps but commonly operates as a support vessel so tends to carry lots of medical supplies and replacement parts. She is only carrying a platoon sized element of marines currently. The Caladbolg's hanger is capable of holding two corvettes in a tight squeeze. She holds a number of smaller support and assault craft.

The ship has eight main decks:
  • 1: CIC, Ops Deck, Ready Room: The brains of the ship, command information center, or command and control is on this deck. Six main control consoles a central display/planning table and two pilot chairs. It is the smallest deck. There is an attached room to do briefings.
  • 2: Docking Bay and Weapon/Suit Storage: Just what it sounds like. Also features a small general office space for personnel not required in Ops. Crash couches for marines and extraneous support personnel.
  • 3: Galley, Medical Bay, and Brig: An expansive medical bay and a galley to serve those on-board. The ship prison is located on this deck as well.
  • 4: Main Engineering: If the CIC is the brains of the ship this is her heart. Everything that makes the ship run is on this deck.
  • 5: Crew Quarters: Captain and First Mate have their own cramped solo quarters, all others are 3 to a room. Beds double as crash couches for passengers. There are a few larger bays in this section for the marines and other personnel.
  • 6: Cargo Bay: A large deck holding supplies and material.
  • 7: Machine Shop and Secondary Engineering: A large deck designed for machine work and fitted to assist in making on site repairs on stranded vessels. A redundant power-plant is on this deck.
  • 8: Hanger Bay: A large deck designed to hold smaller support craft and/or up to two corvettes.


- CAPT Ailbe Bynes: Captain
- LCDR Eileen Bannockburn: Executive Officer
A thirty three year old red headed female from Nariman, a neighborhood of Londres Nova on Mars. She has a distinct Texan accent.
- MCPO Marco Owens: Chief
- LT Tomas Gutierrez: Naval Intelligence Officer
- LT Misha Petrov: Navigator/Pilot
A man in his late twenties with dark hair and blue eyes. He is of East Slavic descent and has a distinct Texan accent.
- LT Christine Norton: Navigator/Pilot
- LT Evelyn Phelps: Communications
- CWO4 Sergio Mccormick: Chief Engineer
- WO1 Constance Turner: Assistant Engineer
- PO2 Kyle Steele: Gunner
- PO3 Alton Walsh: Gunner
- PO3 Vanessa Schultz: Gunner
- GYSGT Jeremy Marsh: Marine
- SSGT Hector Royce: Marine
- SSGT Dwight Briggs: Marine
- CPL Celia Webb: Marine

The ship can support a contingent of three hundred marines or other extraneous personnel, depending on the operat-ion.


The Caladbolg was constructed two years ago in orbit around Mars.

Destruction of the Donnager

The Caladbolg, like the Strident was part of a small group of escorts dispatched to meet with the Donnager once it had been determined that vessels were pursuing the flagship. That group was ordered to return to Jupiter following the last signals from the Donnager.

Eros Incident

Prior to the Eros Incident, the Caladbolg was tasked with protecting shipments of materials bound from the Jupiter planetary system from pirates and smugglers. During the incident the Caladbolg was on patrol. It arrived late but her commanding officer, Ailbe Bynes took charge of the small fleet. After a number of botches by other ship captains and the loss of a squad of marines within Eros he made an executive decision to cooperate with UNN forces to make a concentrated nuclear strike on Eros.

Through the bravery, fortitude, judgement, and quick thinking of UNN and MCRN forces/personnel such as Dolores Muwangwa of the UNN Thomas Cochrane, Irkalla Kasai of the MCRN Nergal, and the command staff of the MCRN Strident the threat was forestalled. A lone marine of the fated squad was recovered and now serves on-board the Caladbolg, Hector Royce.


The Caladbolg didn't take part in the battle of Ganymede though she was deployed after the fact to escort the "Daedalus" Support Cruiser along with a number of smaller Martian corvette-class frigates as they salvaged ship wreckage and recovered bodies.
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