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The MCRN Aetius is a Scirocco Class Cruiser assigned to the MCRN Jovian Fleet. The Scirocco Class cruiser was designed as a high-speed troop carrier and frontline warship. The Scirocco Class Cruisers are not new ships by any means but they hold a key place in the Martian Navy and due to many retrofits, including the addition of a railgun they easily compete with newer vessels, and their UN equivalents.

Up until the Canterbury incident the MCRN Aetius was on deployment protecting Martian shipping routes, with a small flotilla, comprised of the Aetius, two Corvette-Class and one Dirk-Class (recently declassified).

The Aetius has capabilities to command a small flotilla and has suitable facilities to house a compliment of 120 Marines making it perfect in assault or patrol roles

MCRN Aetius
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OwnerCommodore Geroge Flinders
RoleCruiser/Patrol Fleet Command
Crew Size430 + 120 Marine Compliment
PDCs?Yes 12x
Torpedoes?Yes 10x
Railguns?Yes 1x
FleetMCRN Jovian Fleet


First Officer Lieutenant John Kayne
Navigation Officer Lieutenant Emma Schmitt
Captain Amelia Hingley (Corvette no.1)
Captain Steve Knight (Corvette no.2)
Commander Belle Watson (Dirk class)


The Aetius has lived through uncertain times, due to her creation date. Before the destruction of the Donnager and the Canterbury incident, the Aetius was the command ship of a small flotilla, assigned to the Jovian fleet tasked with patrolling Martian shipping routes protecting them from piracy. During this time the Aetius and her group were part of and leading many pirate suppression campaigns throughout the outer reaches of the solar system, but most notably in the belt, where she secured most of her arrests and kills.

Immediately prior to the Canterbury incident, she was patrolling near Jupiter but soon told to meet up with the Donnager to secure the belt in the times of rising tensions. However due to the destruction of the Donnager, she was reassigned to the shipping lanes again, but patrolling a combination of MCR and UN patrol routes.


The MCRN Aetius was constructed in the MCRN Callisto Shipyards in the late 23rd century and was commissioned 2 years after her construction had ended.

Present Day

Currently, the Aetius is engaged around the ring patrolling the MCR supply routes, to protect colonists and supplies from pirates, and to ensure that no illegal settlers or technology do not make their way into the ring


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