MCRN Aetius Captian Flinders


MCRN Aegius
VARGR The Expanse Wiki
OwnerCaptain Geroge Flinders
Crew Size30
FleetMCRN Jupiter Fleet
Present for battles/eventsSquadron X (thread in progress)

Affiliation: MCRN/MCR
Role: E.g. Gunboat
Size: Corvette
Crew: 30
PDCs: Yes
Torpedoes: Yes
Rail Guns: No


First Officer Commander John Kayne
Navigation Officer Lieutenant Emma Schmitt
No others to date


The Aetius is a new ship and thusly has not seen much combat or service. Currently, she is due to be deployed alongside other ships in a pirate suppression campaign along the route from the MCRN base in Jupiter to the Frontier.
Her only notable experiences of combat were actually seen during her trails, shortly after her commission by her Captian: George Flinders. They encountered a seemingly harmless fleet of freighters along their designated route (alongst which they would test high G burns, flip and burns, and her main armaments.) The freighters opened fire on the Aetius which was forced to engage, thankfully she escaped with only marginal damage and the freighters were destroyed.
She was commissioned by her Captian Geroge Flinders. Her naming comes from the renowned Roman general Flavius Aetius, who was a revered strategist, Geroge felt like this reflected his own skillset and named her thusly.
The Aetius almost was never commissioned due to the insistence from many high standing members of the MCRN that George opts for a role aboard a larger vessel, such as the Scirocco class, were although he would not be commanding he would most likely have been a first officer. However, George neglected this in favour of commanding his own smaller ship, the reasoning behind it was that George wanted a closer relationship with his crew and wanted to show his evident skills as a strategist and leader.


The MCRN Aetius was constructed in the MCRN Callisto Shipyards in the 24th Century and was commissioned 2 years after her construction had ended. Due to her young age, she has not experienced many of the conflicts that took part in earlier years.
Her construction was not easy though. Midway through, her construction was paused, due to rising tensions with the OPA and the increase in what can only be described as weird happenings. However, construction was resumed shortly after that.

Early Service

Again due to her exceptionally young age early service does not apply at this time.

Present Day

Currently, the Aetius is engaged around Jupiter, and on her way to the frontier. Mission details are not fully enclosed and neither is her exact position, what is know is that she was tasked with engaging pirates along that route. Black Ops Suspected


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