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The following are categories commonly used in this area:

Ships are expensive in the Expanse Universe and more often than not, salvaged or retrofitted than bought outright. Stealth Tech is prohibited for Named Ships unless approved by the appropriate Organization Staff that maintains that technology and only in small quantities. Our ship templates have a unique PC writer requirement for larger craft. Please see below for details.

One PC Writer

  • Racer
  • Small Freighter
Two to Three Writers
  • Larger Freighters
  • Cargo / Transport
Military Craft is subject to the approval of the organization they pertain to.

The is no agreed definition of class by size, but from small to large the following terms are in use:

  • Boat
  • Corvette
  • Frigate
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser
  • Battleship/Battlecruiser
Several roles of vessel are seen in the books and TV show. Here are some examples:

  • Protogen Stealth Interceptor: Smaller than the Roci and Protogen Stealth Frigates and likely with a very small crew these light manoeuvrable vessels feature two externally mounted torpedoes and a spinal cannon. The type of ship is recognised by an MCRN pilot so it is assumed to be a common role, though not typically featuring advanced stealth technology.
  • Corvette class: The confusingly named MCRN frigate (the Tachi/Roci is an example) seems to be a multi-role vessel. It is fast, and can engage at range with torpedoes and up close with PDCs.
  • Missile Frigate/Destroyer: A role which typically engages from extreme range with torpedoes rather than engage in CQB (close quarters battle)
  • Protogen Stealth Frigates: at first these seem to be a typical long range stealth missile frigate. A strategic, rather than tactical, weapon that can engage at extreme ranges with torpedoes. However they are the smallest known class to feature a full, spinal mounted, rail gun and also carry a boarding complement.
  • Donnager: the Donnager is a fearsome battleship. She was described as a "planet killer" and "invincible". With two full rail-cannons and a plethora of PDCs and torpedo tubes she was truly thought to be invincible until being ambushed by the more advanced Protogen vessels. She could carry several vessels in her hold, including at least one corvette class.

Please keep to the examples of technology seen in the Expanse universe. MCRN ships are considered the pinnacle of naval technology and more capable than the UN in most cases. Almost all ships feature Epstein Drives, but some older and smaller vessels may still sport the inefficient Fusion Torches that these replaced.

The following questions have been clarified by the authors themselves:

  1. Are their starfighters in the Expanse?
    • No. There are atmospheric fighters on Earth and Mars
  2. Are there drones in space battles in the Expanse?
    • Yes, but they are called "torpedoes".

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