United Nations

Planetary Information

Planet: Earth
Government: United Nations
Leader: UN Secretariat Leon Niael

The United Nations (UN) is a sovereign federation of formerly-independent nation-states that spans across several territories within the Sol system and Milky Way galaxy.

Earth, or Terra as it is known by many residents of the galaxy is the originator of the Human species and one of the more advanced factions that currently vie for power within the Solar System. Along with Mars, Terra is considered one of the two economic superpowers within the system. It is capable of building large battlecruisers and fleets, producing the best medicine in the system and projecting its power over many of the stations within the belt.

UN Government

Terra and Luna is controlled by the United Nations. As a whole, it operates under the Security Council, a collection of representatives from the dozens of nations that had once made up the rest of the earth. They work together under the direct authority of the UN Secretariat acting as the chief executive branch.

Earth is ostensibly one of the nicest places to live in the system. Many on the surface enjoy a rich lifestyle and there are those on Mars and in the belt that think of the people as Terra as weak and soft due to this.


Despite this fact, however, the truth of the matter is far different. Though there are those on Earth who live like Kings, the planet itself suffers from incredibly high unemployment and those who do not have work often live in squalor. Conditions for some of the thirty billion residents of Earth can be as terrifying as those of the Belt.

Current Events

In the wake of Eros’ Incident, both Earth and Mars agreed to a mutual quarantine to keep the truth under wraps and providing a small fleet of both navies surrounding the Asteroid base. Fabricated news relayed that a virulent virus had spread quickly through Eros, prompting the quarantine, but the truth still remains hidden.

In the throes of this political unrest and mounting growing tensions in the Belt, the head of the OPA, Fred Johnson was assassinated by more radical members of the organization.

Immediately after this coup, the OPA struck a United Nation and MCRN peace conference meant to discuss the spread of Stealth Technology to other entities. The bombing killed hundreds of men and women, taking out Ambassadors, Naval Officers, and heads of Government. Each planet suffered greatly, and the impact rippled to induce special elections in both the UN and back on Mars.

The United Nations System

The United Nations System is composed of the following. For United Nations Staff positions, please review United Nations Staff.

General Assembly

  • Human Rights Council
  • International Law Commision

Security Council
  • Counter-Terrorism Committee
  • Peacekeeping Operations & Political Missions

Economic and Social Council

  • Science and Technology For Development
  • Economic Commission for Terra


  • Executive Office of the Secretary-General
  • Department of Political Affairs
  • Department of Public Information
  • Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

International Court of Justice

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