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The Sol Coalition

The Sol Coalition is a strengthening of the Earth-Mars Coalition[1] that existed to police the solar system.

Tensions have reduced significantly between the two superpowers of Sol since the battle of Io. They have a significant presence in both Sol and the Slow Zone and will pass into Frontier space when necessary.

Currently the UN recognises Ceres as an independent Government, but is working to bring it back within the UN.

With the exception the Sol Coalition does not formally recognise any independent colony in the Frontier. Their military might in the Slow Zone tries to control the flow of trade and ensure the wealth of the Frontier flows back to Sol through trade tariffs.

The Sol Coalition Navy operates under new laws government weapons in space. No one outside the coalition is permitted to own or operate a rail gun. Only military forces are permitted to own a medium to high yield warhead. Private security forces are not permitted to operate anything classed as larger than a 'patrol boat'.

The MCRN still refer to this as 'Donnager's Law'.

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