Outer Planetary Alliance

Planetary Information

Planets: Headquartered in Ceres, various others across The Belt
Government: Loosely affiliated network
Gravity: Varies

The Outer Planets Alliance

Most Stations and outposts constructed within the Belt were originally founded by either Terra or Mars, built as a means of mining, food production, and in general just gathering resources from the Solar System at large.

Due to this, The Belt has no singular government that leads it and instead is operated by Mars or Earth in some capacity. Many stations are either influenced or directly controlled by either of the two planetary governments, reliant on their advanced medical aid and other more common necessities. Despite this control, however, The Belt has long since held a rather large drive for independence.

This need to become independent has lead to the foundation of the Outer Planetary Alliance, or OPA. This ‘group’ is a loose affiliation of dozens of different organizations and cells. Dubbed Terrorists by both Earth and Mars, the OPA works in both legitimate and illegitimate ways to try and gain freedom for the Belt. The OPA has a massive following among the people of the Belt, and it is not uncommon to see their mark on even the most heavily controlled station.


The Belt is one of the most diverse but also a troubled sector of the entire Solar System. Consisting of hundreds of Space Station, Moon bases, and far-reaching outposts. The Belt could be easily be described as the most diverse of the factions, holding everything from small outposts to large city-sized shipyards that most could only ever imagine in their wildest dreams. The Belt is generally poor and has no complete government, in fact, much of it falls under the control of either Mars of Earth.

Current Events

In the wake of Eros’ Incident, both Earth and Mars agreed to a mutual quarantine to keep the truth under wraps and providing a small fleet of both navies surrounding the Asteroid base. Fabricated news relayed that a virulent virus had spread quickly through Eros, prompting the quarantine, but the truth still remains hidden.

In the throes of this political unrest and mounting growing tensions in the Belt, the head of the OPA, Fred Johnson was assassinated by more radical members of the organization.

Immediately after this coup, the OPA struck a United Nation and MCRN peace conference meant to discuss the spread of Stealth Technology to other entities. The bombing killed hundreds of men and women, taking out Ambassadors, Naval Officers, and heads of Government. Each planet suffered greatly, and the impact rippled to induce special elections in both the UN and back on Mars.

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