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Sol System

Sol System
Sol System




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Sol System is a gravitationally-bound system containing 8 major planetary bodies and multiple dwarf planetary bodies in orbit around its governing star, named Sol. The system has been extensively colonies and explored with many stations and bases located through the systems many moons and its extensive asteroid belt.

The Sol system is home to Earth, a fully habitable world and the birthplace of humanity. This world is governed by the United Nations, and is home to roughly 30 billion humans. It is also home to humanity's first extra terrestrial colon Mars, home to roughly 6 billion people and governed by the Martian Congressional Republic. Not to mention the Belters community, around 100 million people, who live in space and mainly in the belt and moons.


Human Civilisation has existed for roughly ~6,000 years, however this is debated as certain cultures have existed for over 50,000 years.

The human as such would have appeared in Africa and then quickly spread to the rest of the world. Forming thousands or even millions of different groups and cultures that have clashed for millennia. It is in the 20th century that the greatest advances in the field of space were made, notably with the date of October 4, 1957, when the first object of human manufacture was successfully launched into space. Then the date of April 12, 1961, when the first human being succeeded in going into orbit.

Some time during the mid 21st century, a colony on Mars was established and a global terraforming effort began. However due to an escalation in tensions between Earth and Mars, a cold war stunted the project's success.

Roughly 140 years prior to the gate network opening, the Epstein Drive was discovered and allowed Mars & Earth to further colonise the outside system. This also lead to Mars gaining its independence from Earth as a sovereign nation.

The settlers, adventurers and opportunists who settled in the outer system eventually formed their own culture and commuted different from those who will be called "the Inner Planets". The small gravity wells present on site will greatly weaken their bones and create a significant difference between what will become the "belters" and the "Inners". For 140 years, they will become a pool of people who will have to work without much respite for either Mars or Earth. These two planets have meanwhile slowly entered into a rivalry and then a strange cold war.

Several years prior to the gate network opening, an alien life-form (this is still hotly debated) known as the Protomolecule was discovered on Phoebe, one of the moons of Saturn. Following it's discovery, Earth and Mars engaged in a system wide war, bringing many stations and bases to their knees.

Following the Protomolecule's release on Eros Station, the lifeform took over the station, infecting and killing its 100,000 inhabitants. The substance then used the asteroid's raw materials to construct a ring shaped structure past the orbit or Uranus.

This structure activated when a coalition fleet passed through it, and connected Sol System to the Gates Network composed of 1373 Rings leading to other star systems. Since this discovery, Earth & Mars settled their differences. In an optimistic move to significantly improve collaboration between the two Inners planets, the UN and the MCR decided to reform the outdated EMC into a new military alliance called the Sol Coalition.
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