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Providentia is a gravitationally-bound system containing 12 major planetary bodies in orbit around its governing star. It has been settled for two and a half years by a faction of belters from New Providence Station.

One of its worlds, the namesake of the system, is a fully habitable world where the primary settlement is located. The system relies on heavy industry including mining and shipbuilding for trade.

It also has a sizeable space-faring fleet due to the substantial manufacturing capabilities of the Orbital City Builder, a large space station in orbit around the planet, and Providence Shipwrights & Engineering, the system's state-controlled megacorporation and its subsidiaries. The Providence Security Fleet, tasked with the protection of Providentia, its citizens and assets. It's trade and exports are supported by the Providence Freight Fleet, and the services of the Providence Deep Space Rescue Fleet are regularly contracted out to other star systems where colonisation efforts are far riskier.


The Providentia system was discovered six months (0.5 ESE)* after the opening of the gate network. two years (2.5 ESE) after discovery, the exodus fleet of belters from New Providence Station arrived and began to settle the primary habitable world, Providentia Prime.

One year (4 ESE) ago the space station commonly known as the Orbital City Builder entered the system and has been parked in orbit over Providentia.

Six months (4.5 ESE) ago work began on a series of space stations at the the entrance to the systems ring gate.

*ESE stands for Extra Solar Era, this era begun when the Sol Gate opened and connected the system to the rest of the gate network.


Providentia Prime
This planet is habitable to humans and is the proximity focus of settlement efforts. The planet is temperate at the poles which large oceans and some ice located at high altitudes or extreme polar regions. Large, ring-like mountain ranges separate the temperate zones from a massive equatorial desert. There are significant "Gate Builder" artifacts scattered across the surface, and a network of tunnels and caves that riddle the inner structure of the planet.

Orbital City Builder

The system's largest space station, the OCB is the star system's main industrial facility and primary shipyard.

Providentia IA

First of its kind ammonia-atmosphere planet. Orbital surveys yielded a planetwide city or at least a very urbanized planet.

Providentia II
This planet is habitable to humans, however due to its high gravity (1.1g) it has not been the focus of settlement. It is covered by fragmented continents, island chains and expansive, storm wracked oceans. Like Providentia Prime is had significant "Gate Builder" artifacts.

Providentia IV
This planet is a gas giant, orbited by 38 moons. Two of these moons harbour significant "Gate Builder" artifacts.

Providentia Gate
The systems connection to the gate network.

STOP Network
Otherwise known as the "Doorstop", the STOP (System Transition Obstruction Program) is a network of four space stations, located (like points on a compass) at the North, South, East & West points of the Providentia Gate. They are currently under construction and due to be complete by 18.5 XTE, they are designed to police and control the entry and exit of vessels through the gate.
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