Meyer Domain

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The private domain of the Meyers extends over several thousand hectares, of such a size that one cannot see the limits of the land where one can find oneself on it. Owned by the Meyer family for generations, it was acquired through a nebulous transaction with the country's governments at the time pre-Area of Interest. Since then, it has been the power centre of a titanic empire that has been operating in the shadows. The immense concrete and steel walls that snake its limits have kept the curious away for generations. The wall and its cruel guards as well as the legions of drones of course, not to mention the hectares of forests that can lose anyone. It is for this reason that many rumours persist about this place, usually produced by people who were not ever invited by the family or by the Meyers themselves. In particular, that the forest would host a death camp for enemies of the family, a secret prison, a buried mass grave or worse, a cult that honors a forgotten demon. Unfortunately, the truth is somewhere in there.


All servants have always been deaf and dumb and have always been! It is a form of guarantee for the family that its secrets will always be kept and that the loyalty of its servants will always be acquired no matter what is happening within the walls of the house.