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Government: United Nations
Gravity: .1654 g
Length of Day: Tidally locked
Length of Year: 27.32 Days
Population:1 Billion
Atmospheric Pressure: 10−7 Pa (1 picobar)


Luna is controlled by the United Nations. As a whole, it operates under the Security Council, a collection of representatives from the dozens of nations that had once made up the rest of the earth. They work together under the direct authority of the UN Secretariat acting as the chief executive branch. Its inhabitants have all the rights and privileges of Earth citizenship.

Quality of Life

Although heavily developed and populated, much of Luna's structure is not visible from space, as its vast city is mainly subterranean. This provides protection for residents from the micro-meteoroid impacts and the effects of solar radiation. Large ultra-high-definition viewscreens located throughout the Luna facilities simulate windows looking out upon the lunar surface.


Luna is highly regarded as the staging and meeting spot for those who have chosen to leave the gravity well to meet their family from Earth and vice versa. It allows for a suitable environment for both Inners and Outers to co-exist. However, there are still a few ill effects for Earthers and they require a period of acclimatization and preparation prior to traveling to Luna.

Points of Interest

  • Lovell (City)
    • Lovell University
  • Luna Naval Base
  • New Hague United Nations Facilities
  • Mao Station
  • Lagrange Stations
  • Bush Orbital Shipyards


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