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Londres Nova the Capital City of Mars, located in the northern reach of the Aurorae Sinus. Approximately 40,000 people live and work there.

It is partly underground, and consists of a webwork of tunnels under the Martian permafrost, created over generations of colonists and prototerraformers, using the soil as insulation and radiation shielding in lieu of a planetary magnetosphere. Many of the tunnels are now used as tube stations. There are also ten domes pressing out to the surface; Salton is located under the largest agricultural dome.

The government buildings of the Martian Congressional Republic are located in the city's downtown, Aterpol. There is also a large university in the city; it consists of the lower university in Breach Candy, which is one of the oldest complexes in both the city and on the planet, and the upper university in Salton.

The city consists of seven communities (called the neighborhoods):

  • Aterpol
  • Salton
  • Breach Candy
  • Nariman
  • Martineztown
  • Innis Deep
  • Innis Shallows

Londres Nova, is composed of two words, with Londres referring to a Romance Language designation for London, and Nova is Latin for New.