Government: United Nations
Gravity: 1.0 g
Length of Day: 24 hours
Length of Year: 365 days
Population: 30 Billion

Earth, also known as Terra, is the third planet of the Sol system, and one of its four terrestrial worlds. Homeworld of humanity, Earth is the greatest hub of human politics and, technically, still is the capital planet of the dominant superpower, the United Nations. It has always been at the forefront of human history.

Quality of Life

Terra and Luna are controlled by the United Nations. As a whole, it operates under the Security Council, a collection of representatives from the dozens of nations that had once made up the rest of the earth. They work together under the direct authority of the UN Secretariat acting as the chief executive branch.

Earth is ostensibly one of the nicest places to live in the system. Many on the surface enjoy a rich lifestyle and there are those on Mars and in the belt that think of the people as Terra as weak and soft due to this.

Despite this fact, however, the truth of the matter is far different. Though there are those on Earth who live like Kings, the planet itself suffers from incredibly high unemployment and those who do not have work often live in squalor. Conditions for some of the thirty billion residents of Earth can be as terrifying as those of the Belt.

Terran Traits

Though there are many advantages to living and being born on Earth, the humans who come from Terra do suffer from some debilitations. First and foremost the people of Earth aren’t built for space like those from the Belt, they often don’t do as well in Zero-G or lesser gravity. They often feel ill and need time to acclimate. Along with this Earthers generally, suffer from a lesser immune system in space and their stomachs are less well suited for the food rations often eaten on long journeys.

Points of Interest

  • New York (Capitol)
    • Memorial Of Fallen Heroes
  • Luna
  • Naval Station Warsaw
  • Pecunia Spin-Station


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