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Government: Cererian Council
Gravity: 0.3 g (artificially sustained) /0.029 g (originally, formerly)
Diameter: 945 km
Length of Day: Tidally locked
Length of Year: 467 Days
Population: 6,000,000
Atmospheric Pressure:




Dock Level

The docks on Ceres. The extending arms grasp ships and hold them until their rotation matches that of the asteroid colony.

Mid-Town Level

The asteroid colony’s upmarket district, mid-town Ceres is light and airy, even featuring an artificial digital sky.

Medina Level

The Medina level has a ramshackle, claustrophobic, neon-drenched atmosphere. It has a large criminal element and it is where the red light district is.

Plaza Level

District Level

Central Level

Core Level - Restricted

Quality of Life


Ceres (designated 1 Ceres) is the largest known asteroid (nine hundred fifty-five kilometers in diameter), the only dwarf planet in the inner solar system, and the first asteroid discovered by humanity. It lies in the asteroid belt.

Points of Interest


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