Government: Martian Protectorat
Gravity: .126 g
Length of Day: Tidally locked
Length of Year: 16.6 days
Population: 7 million
Capital: Port Hampton
Atmospheric Pressure: 7.5 picobar


Callisto is the second largest moon of Jupiter, after Ganymede. It is tidally locked to Jupiter and boasts a moderate population under vast subterranean tunnels and cities. It is composed of equal amounts of rock, ice, to include small amounts of water ice. While the moon is suspected to house a subterranean ocean, however, humans have not been able to reach it as of yet.

However, the moon has a large deposit of rare metals and one of the only known places in the solar system where radioactive mineral deposits can be easily found so close to the surface.

Quality of Life

The bulk of the population on Callisto serves the mining industry. Two major shipyards surround the moon, the military shipyard belongs to Mars while the commercial one belongs to a private group . Mars has large complexes and military structures on site. This makes Callisto a strategic location of high importance for the MCR.

There is also a respected university with Martian ties to several technical institutes.

Port Hampton

Capital of the moon, located in the rock of a huge crater just below the imposing MCRN shipyard. The city's activities can quickly be summed up as a port where Martian sailors come to rest and also as an important mineral extraction site. Minerals that are processed and sent into orbit for use in the construction of Martian ships. An MCR battalion was assigned to the city and their barracks were located near the docks to help local forces deal with the miners and sailors who were too drunk.


The moon's economy revolves around two things, mining and shipbuilding. And in both cases Mars and the main customer. The majority (if not almost all) of the extracted and refined minerals are used for Martian construction. This makes Callisto's economy very strongly linked to that of Mars.

The main currency used is the Martian Dollar (MCR$).


Belters and long-term mining, shipbuilding, and scientific research employees dominate the subterranean settlements. Most get food supplies from Ganymede, after corporate companies gather their share, along with other cargo transports from the inner worlds.

Points of Interest

  • Subterranean cities
  • University
  • Observatory
  • MCRN Callisto Shipyard
  • Commercial Shipyards
  • Mining Tunnels


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