Belter Creole

This Databank file will cover Belter Creole from both the TV series and the books. It is our goal to continue to add to the list of Belter words by our member base.

Belter Creole

Belter Creole, colloquially known as "Belter", is the cultural language spoken by many Belters. It is primarily derived from English with various influences and contributions from languages such as German, Chinese, Romance languages, Hindi, Slavic, Bantu, and many others. It also has various dialects with variations based on where they originate from in the Solar System.

Belter Langauge has a basic word order of Subject - Verb - Object.

Adjectives follow the word they modify, as do nouns when showing possession:

  • setara "star" + mali "small" → setara mali "little star"

Example Words

  • Belta – a Belter, an inhabitant of the Belt.
  • beltalowda – Belters as a whole, or "us Belters"
  • tumang – an Earther
  • pomang – a Martian, or "Duster"
  • beratna – brother
  • seteshang EroshErosstation

Example Phrases

  • Oye – "Hello" / "Hey"
  • Oyedeng – "Goodbye"
  • Taki – "Thanks"
  • Im ta nating – "You're welcome." (lit. "It was nothing")
  • To pochuye ke? – "Do you understand me?" (lit. "You hear?")
  • Sabaka! – a general-purpose curse; "Dammit!" or "You bastard!" (lit. "Dog" in Russian)
  • Kewe to pensa ere X? – "What do you think about X?"


Though not part of the language per se, spoken Belter language is accompanied by several physical idioms, which originally developed due to the need to be able to communicate while wearing space suits. Some examples:

  • Lifting the hand: Asking a question
  • Lifting a fist: Greeting; nodding, affirmative
  • Shrugging is done with one or both hands, palm-up
  • Two fingers (index and middle) double touch the opposite side of the chest: thank you
  • Nail of index finger touching the thumb's inner side between the 2 digits, forming a circle, while the other 3 fingers are straight: derogatory gesture, similar to giving the middle finger


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