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This Chapter roughly ran from November 2017 to February 2018, from the opening of the board to the destruction of Phoebe.

What happened

The MCRN, UN and OPA all started to re-establish their leadership. The Coalition between UN and MCR fleets managed to hold as they cracked down on the OPA. The Belt started to rally under faction banners and risked a raid on Phoebe to try and understand what led to the destruction of the Donnager.


Trouble at Tycho Station

On Tycho, a sudden power struggle erupts. In the battle Fred Johnson is killed along with several faction leaders. Outside the station several rogue vessels controlled by extremist OPA factions begin attacking vessels from Earth and Mars. After a skirmish, an OPA vessel loyal to Fred Johnson destroys the rogue vessels and reasserts control over the space around Tycho.

After much confusion, riots and looting, control is reestablishing when several friendly vessels arrive to secure the CIC[1]

The Chase

In the fallout of the Ceres Blockade, the MCRN Navy pursues an OPA freighter transporting a number of OPA operatives who are suspected to be ringleaders in the recent fatal bombings of the UNN/MCR conferences.

The mission was a success leading to the apprehension of a number of suspects who have been detained by the MCR, and in cooperation with the UNN are due to stand trial for the heinous crimes. Tensions cool between the two superpowers as the OPA is officially blamed for the attacks.

A Call to Arms

After a series of damning intelligence reports, senior figures in the OPA command structure gather operatives and vessels for a highly secretive mission. The ringleader, Morne Du Plessis personally leads a number of vessels from Tycho Station into the outer fringes of the system.

The raiding party begin to approach Phoebe, one of the many moons of Saturn. The moon, it is revealed, is thought to be home to a joint MCR/UN research facility, possibly linked to the crisis on Eros. The team, made up of a number of OPA factions forcefully enters the base and discovers the facility has been recently cleared out, with piles of incinerated bodies, destroyed servers and databanks, and whole sections of the facility simply empty.

The OPA are forced to make a hasty retreat as several of their vessels are attacked. They do however, manage to make it off the moon with a small amount of evidence.

Phoebe Destroyed

As the OPA leave the moon, it is made known that groups of MCRN and UNN vessels are approaching the moon, perhaps forced by the untimely raid by the OPA. Soon after it is made known that Phoebe is now a tactical asset, an MCRN stealth ship uses several nuclear warheads to utterly destroy Phoebe from a great distance before UN ships can move in.

This creates new controversy and tension between the two superpowers, with the media of the inner plants and the belt being sent into a frenzy, videos of the moon being shattered and slowly collapsing into the gravity well of Saturn are played constantly across many channels. Opportunistic Belter vessels begin harvesting the ice from Phoebe before it is permanently lost within the atmosphere of Saturn.

The Map

As the belter force retreats to the safety of Tycho station, senior members of the raiding party convene to discuss the evidence they have returned with. After several hours of crunching data, an data chip belonging to an employee of Protogen, a subsidiary of Mao-Kwikowski, is cracked, revealing a list of various locations in which the megacorp is setting up "testing facilities". Several locations were prioritised: Phoebe (the research facility on the now destroyed moon), Pallas, Ganymede & Thoth.


Belter attacks against martian vessels increase. The MCRN Nergal is ambushed by the OPA, sustaining heavy damage.

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