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Current situation

The Coalition is severely tested. The MCRN has nuked Phoebe and tensions rise around the UN quarantine of Eros. The OPA has more questions than answers from the research station on Phoebe and plans a daring raid on a Protogen facility.

Tanis Discovered on Mars

A lost colony city is discovered after a routine patrol craft is shot down over the northern reaches of the Martian desert. This city's found to have been cut off from the MCR for several decades after a particularly brutal sandstorm and communication was never reestablished.

Following its discovery, an alliance between Tanis and the Republic was brokered, formally welcoming its population into the republic in return for a degree of autonomy. As part of the integration, Tanis reveals large advances in the fields of biotechnology, hydroponics, agriculture and terraforming, these technologies boost the terraforming efforts by several decades again and the first clouds begin to gather in the Martian sky. A new class of Martian Corvette is released.

Eros Awakens

In a unsettling turn of events, Eros suddenly accelerates to great speeds when a Martian vessel decides to finally land on the station. Several Martian vessels are completely destroyed as they attempt to keep up with the asteroid now moving at speeds higher than most human vessels are capable of. Panicking, the UN launches its arsenal of nuclear weapons at the rock, which suddenly changes course.

A boarding team breaches the station and discovers that inside there are no survivors, the station is generating tremendous amounts of energy and waste heat, and during their recon a Martian soldier is attacked by an unknown assailant.

The OPA raid Thoth Station

The OPA mount another daring raid on another Protogen facility. This time employing a large amount of vessels, expecting greater resistance than Phoebe. Their intelligence being correct, a multi ship skirmish ensues with heavy casualties on both sides. However several Protogen vessels are either disabled or destroyed allowing OPA boarding vessels to move in and begin taking over the station itself.

Inside the station, OPA forces battle through floors of guards and booby traps, taking heavy casualties in some locations and comparatively light casualties in others. As the OPA force moved further into the station, several groups of scientists are forcefully subdued and detained. A Protogen executive is also discovered to be running the operations aboard the station and is detained by the OPA leadership.

Following the raid, the station is stripped of parts, raw materials and any useful data or technology. The operation was discovered to be monitoring events on Eros, with several live information feeds beaming data directly from the rogue asteroid the the station. The feed is hijacked by the OPA and a new research centre is built aboard a freighter owned by the OPA to monitor the ongoing crisis.

The MCRN recalls its fleet

In the wake of the strange, unsettling events surrounding Eros, the MCRN has made the decision to recall its fleet, preferring to focus its energy and military might on protecting itself rather than project strength throughout the system.

Many believe this to be Mars retreating, capitulating to Earths military strength in the face of overwhelming and otherworldly odds, others suggest that Mars has recalled its fleet in preparation for a new wave of deployments and attacks against Earths dominion, especially throughout the belt and the outer planets.

The men and women of the Republic Navy however, are simply glad to be home, breathing Martian air and drinking martian beers. Many of the crews how taking their shore leave were first responders to the Eros crisis, and have taken the opportunity to blow off some steam in the wake of these revelations.

An anomaly on Ganymede Station

Disturbing reports have began emerging from Ganymede Station of unrest and extreme violence. People have started to go missing, and anomalous signals have been detected throughout the station, leading many to believe the contagion that had affected Eros has now spread the the peaceful agricultural colony.

As the colony provides the majority of food for the out planets and the belt, the OPA, MCR & UN are all eyeing the situation nervously. Recently, reports have surfaced that the MCRN are redeploying military assets around Jupiter and bolstering its fleet there.


Tensions are high, many do not know who to trust or what to believe in the wake of the recent, reality defying events. Many nations on Earth have instituted martial law as people see this as the beginning of the end. The OPA is fracturing once again, with riots and mass unrest breaking out on many belter stations. Mars alone is holding fast, reasserting its control over a number of colonies and strategic assets.

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