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We are not alone in the Universe.

That single realisation has to sink in following the Eros event. The MCRN and UN are forced to try and unpick who was responsible for Eros. Meanwhile the belt tries to decide what to do with the resources they have gathered from Thoth Station.

Key Events

War erupts over Ganymede

As tensions continue to rise, Earth and Mars station fleets over Ganymede, one of the most important colonies in the system. Tensions boil over when two opposing warships begin to attack each other, leading to an all out engagement in the skies over Ganymede Station. On the ground, the UN and MCR garrisons clash leading to massive casualties.

Debris from the battle overhead causes several agricultural domes to be severely damaged, causing a humanitarian crisis. Many belter and civilian vessels are rerouted to Ganymede in an attempt to evacuate the population who are now caught between vicious battles between Martians and Earthers. A ceasefire is eventually brokered but not before irreparable damage is done to the station. Several relief vessels lift off from the station, including a suspected OPA/terrorist vessel. The UNN begins the long process of reconstruction.

The Rise of Providence

The asteroid belt station of New Providence blames the UN and MCR for the humanitarian crisis at Ganymede, citing evidence from the many thousands of refugees now streaming into the city. The station's elected representative council begins construction of a security fleet in the hope that it will safeguard the station against the aggressive policies and tactics of the inner planets.

The station begins to be seen as a possible threat by the UN, several covert operations are launched against it.

Tycho Station Destroyed

During peace talks between the OPA and the MCR< Tycho Station is attacked by an unknown assailant. The combatant is impervious to conventional weaponry and links are drawn between it and the events around Eros several months earlier. The station is evacuated with much of the personnel board the Nauvoo, now rechristened the OPAS Behemoth. Unknown to the UNN and MCRN, the vessel had been steadily armed and armoured.

An unknown vessel was identified to be the culprit of the attack on Tycho station, and as the station is destroyed, the Behemoth gives chase.

The Io Campaign

UNN, MCRN and OPA fleets converge in the skies over Io for a final showdown. The unknown vessel is identified by government officials on Earth to be a Protogen Stealth Ship. The vessel is taken into custody by the UNN but not before several experimental weapons are launched from the surface of the moon, crippling several UNN ships and one MCRN ship.

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