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This book contains all the timeline articles that capture the state of our Roleplay Canon at a point in time. This page provides a summary of current events split by chapter. Within the book are additional pages that list the more minor events that happened during each Chapter.

The first section below describes the Expanse setting.

Introduction to The Expanse

Humanity has expanded and reached for the stars. Earth has become more than simply the birthplace of our species, but just one of the few active governments within the Solar System.

We have spread ourselves far and wide across the nearby expanses of space. Mars, once an independent colony, long ago broke off from the government of Earth in the first Interplanetary war, becoming an independent state and operating its own military.

Both governments utilize those humans who live on a vast array of space stations and moon bases across the solar system, these ‘belters’, live supposedly independent lives, though are economically and militarily inferior to both Mars and Earth.

Short intro from one of the show's actors: https://www.instagram.com/p/BuWQeK9hiWo/

Longer intro video:

The Timeline

Brief History


Earth’s population reaches 12 billion. Overpopulation dangerously taxes the environment, so space agencies begin researching the colonization of other planets. Terraforming projects on Mars and ‘Luna’ commence in 2125. In 2190, Martian secessionists publish their manifesto, and Earth ships immediately set course for Mars to reclaim the colony and quash the revolutionary forces. Outright war is avoided at the last minute, but uneasy tension remains.


Earth’s population reaches 19 billion, and Mars’s population soars to 75 million. In 2205, Martian-born Solomon Epstein invents a fusion power engine called the Epstein Drive, allowing ships to travel at a high sustained thrust throughout a voyage. This efficient engine gives Mars a comparative advantage over Earth in its ability to access the resources in the Belt. In an effort to prevent a war over the change in the balance of power, Mars shares the Epstein Drive with Earth. The Mars Congressional Republic holds its first congress; soon after it declares independence from Earth.

Earth’s colonization of the Belt begins by 2210 with the use of a few newly-built ships outfitted with Epstein Drives. Earth’s United Nations consolidates into a world government in 2210 to oversee the Belt’s colonization program. Tycho Station is built, and becomes home to the first Belters by 2215. Terraforming and colonization on Eros begins in 2220; once complete it is used for mining operations for the next 30 years. Terraforming and colonization on Ceres begins 2245 and soon becomes the economic centre of the Belt. Colonization of smaller asteroids and the outer planets’ moons begin 2250 and continue throughout the rest of the century.


Earth’s population reaches 27 billion, Mars’s population reaches 1.5 billion, and the Belt’s population, including the outer planets, reaches 45 million. The Outer Planets Alliance (OPA) forms in 2325 to represent Belters’ interests. Soon after its inception, the The Expanse | 5 OPA becomes is linked to several bombings on Earth and Mars. In 2330, Earth demolishes Anderson Station in the Belt, led by Colonel Frederick Johnson. In a large part due to this event, Johnson defects to the Belt and becomes leader of the OPA in 2335. In 2350, Earth’s population reaches 31 billion, Mars’s population reaches three billion, and the Belt, including the outer planets, reaches 70 million. The Canterbury is attacked on its way to Ceres carrying a shipment of ice.[1]

Current Situation

  • The Wild Frontier has opened!
  • Small colonies have begun on frontier worlds through the ring gates
  • MCRN and UNN form a Sol Coalition that tightens its grip on the Slow Zone and gate network
  • Many colonies are almost lawless, with private security prioritising corporate interests
  • New Tycho Station in construction in the Slow Zone
  • Nauvoo preparing to take Mormons from Callisto to a new system
  • Ceres is under independent leadership but there has been no sign of a large scale OPA
Past events are summarised below, with further details on each chapter on the pages within this book as shown below:

Major Deviations from Canon

  • The Roci crew was sent to Eros, but never returned
  • The OPA did not send a team to Eros, but investigated Phoebe. They still ransacked Thoth
  • MCR and UN never came quite as close to war
  • Laconia and Ilus systems do not exist in our canon

Chapter 1: The Opening

November 2017

  • The Story began at the end of Season 1 of Expanse
  • Eros is infected with the Procomolecule and Quarantined, while public knowledge claims it is a viral epidemic.
  • Johnson was killed by the Radical faction in the OPA who felt he was too soft.
  • Mao has not been seen or heard from, Protogen has been taken over by a new group.
  • Chrisjen had an attempted assassination by Protogen, but now missing. Blamed on OPA by the UN (under Protogen influence)
  • At the results of growing tensions with stealth tech being investigated, The UN / Martian special meeting results in a terrorist attack. Special elections made.
  • Special Elections Lead to the resurgence of strong leadership in both the UN and Congressional Martian Republic
  • The MCRN fleet is heavily patrolling the belt. After the attack on the Donnager was pinned on the belt, there is a concern that they were to take the region by force.
  • Influenced from within by Protogen the UN Navy is readying itself for a war with Mars.
  • Fear, tension, and hate rise throughout the solar system as Belter’s have their limited resources tightened and Earth carefully watches Mars in a powerful game of interstellar dominance.
  • Events quickly spiral as a The Belters take up a call of “Remember the Cant”, a cry of resistance against both Earth and Mars
  • The remaining crew of the Cantebury are set to Eros by the OPA to find Julie Mao, where they arrive and find an outbreak of the virus. Since then the crew of the Rocinante has not been heard from.

The Eros Incicent

In the wake of Eros’ Incident, both Earth and Mars agreed to a mutual quarantine to keep the truth underwraps and providing a small fleet of both navies surrounding the Asteroid base. Fabricated news relayed that a virulent virus had spread quickly through Eros, prompting the quarantine, but the truth still remains hidden.

In the throes of this political unrest and mounting growing tensions in the Belt, the head of the OPA, Fred Johnson was assassinated by more radical members of the organization.

The Attacks

Immediately after this coup, the OPA struck a United Nations and MCR peace conference meant to discuss the spread of Stealth Technology to other entities. The bombing killed hundreds of men and women, taking out Ambassadors, Naval Officers, and heads of Government. Each planet suffered greatly, and the impact rippled to induce special elections in both the UN and back on Mars.

In the wake of this Chaos, Protogen, the company behind both Eros and the new stealth ships attempted an assassination of Undersecretary Chrisjen Avasarala, though this failed she has now all but disappeared. In light of this failure, Protogens internal board of directors pushed out Jules-Pierre Mao who is presumed either dead or missing. They now seek to further progress with the Protomolecule on Ganymede.

With this chaos now running through the Solar System tensions are now higher than ever, with each faction seeing room for them to become the dominant power.

Chapter 2: The Coalition Holds

November 2017 to February 2018

  • The Martians flex their military might as they increase their presence in the belt
  • Protogen continues to study Eros
  • The OPA tries to rally and understand what forces are at work

The Blockade of Ceres

With the Special Elections over and the Solar System thrown into Chaos, the new leaders of the MCR see an opportunity to both exert a small bit of power and gain vengeance on the OPA faction that attacked not only their leadership, but that of the UN as well.

Acting on intelligence the Martian Congressional Republic sent a fleet of ships to Blockade the colony of Ceres, locking down the entire station and demanding that the OPA turn over the terrorists who committed the bombings of the peace summit.

Reacting harshly, Belters across Ceres broke out into spontaneous riots that saw the colony fall into chaos. Though multiple injuries and even deaths occurred to OPA, UN, and MCR soldiers, not to mention civilians, the Riots were eventually quashed and a modicum of peace returned to the station.

The MCRN had made it's point however, they were a force to be reckoned with and considered.[2]

Trouble at Tycho Station

On Tycho, a sudden power struggle erupts. In the battle Fred Johnson is killed along with several faction leaders. Outside the station several rogue vessels controlled by extremist OPA factions begin attacking vessels from Earth and Mars. After a skirmish, an OPA vessel loyal to Fred Johnson destroys the rogue vessels and reasserts control over the space around Tycho.

After much confusion, riots and looting, control is reestablishing when several friendly vessels arrive to secure the CIC[3]

The Chase

In the fallout of the Ceres Blockade, the MCRN pursues an OPA freighter transporting a number of OPA operatives who are suspected to be ringleaders in the recent fatal bombings of the UNN/MCR conferences.

The mission was a success leading to the apprehension of a number of suspects who have been detained by the MCR, and in cooperation with the UNN are due to stand trial for the heinous crimes. Tensions cool between the two superpowers as the OPA is officially blamed for the attacks.

A Call to Arms

After a series of damning intelligence reports, senior figures in the OPA command structure gather operatives and vessels for a highly secretive mission. The ringleader, Morne Du Plessis personally leads a number of vessels from Tycho Station into the outer fringes of the system.

The raiding party begin to approach Phoebe, one of the many moons of Saturn. The moon, it is revealed, is thought to be home to a joint MCR/UN research facility, possibly linked to the crisis on Eros. The team, made up of a number of OPA factions forcefully enters the base and discovers the facility has been recently cleared out, with piles of incinerated bodies, destroyed servers and databanks, and whole sections of the facility simply empty.

The OPA are forced to make a hasty retreat as several of their vessels are attacked. They do however, manage to make it off the moon with a small amount of evidence.

Phoebe Destroyed

As the OPA leave the moon, it is made known that groups of MCRN and UNN vessels are approaching the moon, perhaps forced by the untimely raid by the OPA. Soon after it is made known that Phoebe is now a tactical asset, an MCRN stealth ship uses several nuclear warheads to utterly destroy Phoebe from a great distance before UN ships can move in.

This creates new controversy and tension between the two superpowers, with the media of the inner plants and the belt being sent into a frenzy, videos of the moon being shattered and slowly collapsing into the gravity well of Saturn are played constantly across many channels. Opportunistic Belter vessels begin harvesting the ice from Phoebe before it is permanently lost within the atmosphere of Saturn.

The Map

As the belter force retreats to the safety of Tycho station, senior members of the raiding party convene to discuss the evidence they have returned with. After several hours of crunching data, an data chip belonging to an employee of Protogen, a subsidiary of Mao-Kwikowski, is cracked, revealing a list of various locations in which the megacorp is setting up "testing facilities". Several locations were prioritised: Phoebe (the research facility on the now destroyed moon), Pallas, Ganymede & Thoth.


Belter attacks against martian vessels increase. The MCRN Nergal is ambushed by the OPA, sustaining heavy damage.

Chapter 3:Escalation

February to June 2018

  • The blockade ends, but the MCRN leaves a permanent presence at Ceres.
  • UN and MCRN tensions rise around Eros, until the Protomolecule reveals itself
  • The Belt tracks down Protogen's research station and makes a daring attack

Tanis Discovered on Mars

A lost colony city is discovered after a routine patrol craft is shot down over the northern reaches of the Martian desert. This city's found to have been cut off from the MCR for several decades after a particularly brutal sandstorm and communication was never reestablished.

Following its discovery, an alliance between Tanis and the Republic was brokered, formally welcoming its population into the republic in return for a degree of autonomy. As part of the integration, Tanis reveals large advances in the fields of biotechnology, hydroponics, agriculture and terraforming, these technologies boost the terraforming efforts by several decades again and the first clouds begin to gather in the Martian sky. A new class of Martian Corvette is released.

Eros Awakens

In a unsettling turn of events, Eros suddenly accelerates to great speeds when a Martian vessel decides to finally land on the station. Several Martian vessels are completely destroyed as they attempt to keep up with the asteroid now moving at speeds higher than most human vessels are capable of. Panicking, the UN launches its arsenal of nuclear weapons at the rock, which suddenly changes course.

A boarding team breaches the station and discovers that inside there are no survivors, the station is generating tremendous amounts of energy and waste heat, and during their recon a Martian soldier is attacked by an unknown assailant.

The OPA raid Thoth Station

The OPA mount another daring raid on another Protogen facility. This time employing a large amount of vessels, expecting greater resistance than Phoebe. Their intelligence being correct, a multi ship skirmish ensues with heavy casualties on both sides. However several Protogen vessels are either disabled or destroyed allowing OPA boarding vessels to move in and begin taking over the station itself.

Inside the station, OPA forces battle through floors of guards and booby traps, taking heavy casualties in some locations and comparatively light casualties in others. As the OPA force moved further into the station, several groups of scientists are forcefully subdued and detained. A Protogen executive is also discovered to be running the operations aboard the station and is detained by the OPA leadership.

Following the raid, the station is stripped of parts, raw materials and any useful data or technology. The operation was discovered to be monitoring events on Eros, with several live information feeds beaming data directly from the rogue asteroid the the station. The feed is hijacked by the OPA and a new research centre is built aboard a freighter owned by the OPA to monitor the ongoing crisis.

The MCRN recalls its fleet

In the wake of the strange, unsettling events surrounding Eros, the MCRN has made the decision to recall its fleet, preferring to focus its energy and military might on protecting itself rather than project strength throughout the system.

Many believe this to be Mars retreating, capitulating to Earths military strength in the face of overwhelming and otherworldly odds, others suggest that Mars has recalled its fleet in preparation for a new wave of deployments and attacks against Earths dominion, especially throughout the belt and the outer planets.

The men and women of the Republic Navy however, are simply glad to be home, breathing Martian air and drinking martian beers. Many of the crews how taking their shore leave were first responders to the Eros crisis, and have taken the opportunity to blow off some steam in the wake of these revelations.

An anomaly on Ganymede Station

Disturbing reports have began emerging from Ganymede Station of unrest and extreme violence. People have started to go missing, and anomalous signals have been detected throughout the station, leading many to believe the contagion that had affected Eros has now spread the the peaceful agricultural colony.

As the colony provides the majority of food for the out planets and the belt, the OPA, MCR & UN are all eyeing the situation nervously. Recently, reports have surfaced that the MCRN are redeploying military assets around Jupiter and bolstering its fleet there.


Tensions are high, many do not know who to trust or what to believe in the wake of the recent, reality defying events. Many nations on Earth have instituted martial law as people see this as the beginning of the end. The OPA is fracturing once again, with riots and mass unrest breaking out on many belter stations. Mars alone is holding fast, reasserting its control over a number of colonies and strategic assets.

Chapter 4: A New World

June 2018 to June 2019

We are not alone in the Universe.

That single realisation has to sink in following the Eros event. The MCRN and UN are forced to try and unpick who was responsible for Eros. Meanwhile the belt tries to decide what to do with the resources they have gathered from Thoth Station.

War erupts over Ganymede

As tensions continue to rise, Earth and Mars station fleets over Ganymede, one of the most important colonies in the system. Tensions boil over when two opposing warships begin to attack each other, leading to an all out engagement in the skies over Ganymede Station. On the ground, the UN and MCR garrisons clash leading to massive casualties.

Debris from the battle overhead causes several agricultural domes to be severely damaged, causing a humanitarian crisis. Many belter and civilian vessels are rerouted to Ganymede in an attempt to evacuate the population who are now caught between vicious battles between Martians and Earthers. A ceasefire is eventually brokered but not before irreparable damage is done to the station. Several relief vessels lift off from the station, including a suspected OPA/terrorist vessel. The UNN and the MCR begins the long process of reconstruction.

The Rise of Providence

The asteroid belt station of New Providence blames the UN and MCR for the humanitarian crisis at Ganymede, citing evidence from the many thousands of refugees now streaming into the city. The station's elected representative council begins construction of a security fleet in the hope that it will safeguard the station against the aggressive policies and tactics of the inner planets.

The station begins to be seen as a possible threat by the UN, several covert operations are launched against it.

Tycho Station Destroyed

During peace talks between the OPA and the MCR, Tycho Station is attacked by an unknown assailant. The combatant is impervious to conventional weaponry and links are drawn between it and the events around Eros several months earlier. The station is evacuated with much of the personnel board the Nauvoo, now rechristened the OPAS Behemoth. Unknown to the UNN and MCRN, the vessel had been steadily armed and armoured.

An unknown vessel was identified to be the culprit of the attack on Tycho station, and as the station is destroyed, the Behemoth gives chase.

The Io Campaign

UNN, MCRN and OPA fleets converge in the skies over Io for a final showdown. The unknown vessel is identified by government officials on Earth to be a Protogen Stealth Ship. The vessel is taken into custody by the UNN but not before several experimental weapons are launched from the surface of the moon, crippling several UNN ships and one MCRN ship.

Blood of Heroes

A memorial is held on Earth for those fallen in the Earth/Mars war. A delegation of Martians attend and offer a message of peace and unity. The memorial service is attended by many high ranking politicians and military leaders. It sows the seeds for what will eventually become the Sol Coalition.

Clues on Pallas

A lone operative working for the OPA arrives at Pallas, following clues found on Phoebe Station. A Protogen facility is discovered and it, along with its caretaker are destroyed after evidence is collected inevitably leading to the corporations dissolution.

Chapter 5: Wild Frontier

July 2019

The Hub

Five years have passed since the Ring Gate opened. The Sol Coalition unite to explore this strange new frontier, discovering thousands of star systems and habitable worlds, linked via the Hub, a pocket dimension accessed by thousands of ring gates identical to the one in Sol.

New Tycho is constructed, while the MCRN & UNN establish the Frontier Fleet to police the frontier. They operate out of the command centre aboard New Tycho Station and project influence throughout the gate network.

The Martian Dream

The colony of Nautilus is established from former Martian military personnel.


The colony of Providentia is established after a mass exodus of Belters from new Providence Station and the Belt in general.


The UNN begins a large scale fleet modernisation program, launching several new ships and constructing many more.

A Test of Strength

Due to much of its population leaving for new worlds, the MCR fractures and rogue MCRN fleets backed by funding from Anti Belter organisations attempt to attack Providentia & other independent colonies. They are repelled at great cost.


Independent colonies including Providentia & Nautilus discuss what to do after the attacks on their worlds from the Sol system.

A Confederacy of Dunces

The First Wave Union, an anti-belter association of colonies begins organising an attack on New Tycho, in an attempt to control the Hub.


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