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Introduction to The Expanse

Humanity has expanded and reached for the stars. Earth has become more than simply the birthplace of our species, but just one of the few active governments within the Solar System.

We have spread ourselves far and wide across the nearby expanses of space. Mars, once an independent colony, long ago broke off from the government of Earth in the first Interplanetary war, becoming an independent state and operating its own military.

Both governments utilize those humans who live on a vast array of space stations and moon bases across the solar system, these ‘belters’, live supposedly independent lives, though are economically and militarily inferior to both Mars and Earth.

Current Situation

  • Eros drifts towards the sun
  • The OPA tries to decide what to do with information gathered at Thoth
  • MCRN personnel take shore leave and try to come to terms with the Eros incident
Past events are summarised below, with further details on each chapter on the pages within this book as shown below:

Major Deviations from Canon

  • The Roci crew was sent to Eror, but never returned
  • The UN still controls Ceres
  • The OPA did not send a team to Eros, but investigated Phoebe. They still ransacked Thoth
  • Eros is currently drifting towards the sun, followed by a Coalition Fleet

Chapter 1: The Opening

November 2017
  • The Story began at the end of Season 1 of Expanse
  • Eros is infected with the Procomolecule and Quarantined, while public knowledge claims it is a viral epidemic.
  • Johnson was killed by the Radical faction in the OPA who felt he was too soft.
  • Mao has not been seen or heard from, Protogen has been taken over by a new group.
  • Chrisjen had an attempted assassination by Protogen, but now missing. Blamed on OPA by the UN (under Protogen influence)
  • At the results of growing tensions with stealth tech being investigated, The UN / Martian special meeting results in a terrorist attack. Special elections made.
  • Special Elections Lead to the resurgence of strong leadership in both the UN and Congressional Martian Republic
  • The MCRN fleet is heavily patrolling the belt. After the attack on the Donnager was pinned on the belt, there is a concern that they were to take the region by force.
  • Influenced from within by Protogen the UN Navy is readying itself for a war with Mars.
  • Fear, tension, and hate rise throughout the solar system as Belter’s have their limited resources tightened and Earth carefully watches Mars in a powerful game of interstellar dominance.
  • Events quickly spiral as a The Belters take up a call of “Remember the Cant”, a cry of resistance against both Earth and Mars
  • The remaining crew of the Cantebury are set to Eros by the OPA to find Julie Mao, where they arrive and find an outbreak of the virus. Since then the crew of the Rocinate has not been heard from.

The Eros Incicent

In the wake of Eros’ Incident, both Earth and Mars agreed to a mutual quarantine to keep the truth underwraps and providing a small fleet of both navies surrounding the Asteroid base. Fabricated news relayed that a virulent virus had spread quickly through Eros, prompting the quarantine, but the truth still remains hidden.

In the throes of this political unrest and mounting growing tensions in the Belt, the head of the OPA, Fred Johnson was assassinated by more radical members of the organization.

The Attacks

Immediately after this coup, the OPA struck a United Nation and MCRN peace conference meant to discuss the spread of Stealth Technology to other entities. The bombing killed hundreds of men and women, taking out Ambassadors, Naval Officers, and heads of Government. Each planet suffered greatly, and the impact rippled to induce special elections in both the UN and back on Mars.

In the wake of this Chaos, Protogen, the company behind both Eros and the new stealth ships attempted an assassination of Undersecretary Chrisjen Avasarala, though this failed she has now all but disappeared. In light of this failure, Protogens internal board of directors pushed out Jules-Pierre Mao who is presumed either dead or missing. They now seek to further progress with the Protomolecule on Ganymede.

With this chaos now running through the Solar System tensions are now higher than ever, with each faction seeing room for them to become the dominant power.

Chapter 2: The Coalition Holds

November 2017 to February 2018

  • The Martians flex their military might as they increase their presence in the belt
  • Protogen continues to study Eros
  • The OPA tries to rally and understand what forces are at work

The Blockade of Ceres

With the Special Elections over and the Solar System thrown into Chaos, the new leaders of the MCR see an opportunity to both exert a small bit of power and gain vengeance on the OPA faction that attacked not only their leadership, but that of the UN as well.

Acting on intelligence the Martian Congressional Republic sent a fleet of ships to Blockade the colony of Ceres, locking down the entire station and demanding that the OPA turn over the terrorists who committed the bombings of the peace summit.

Reacting harshly, Belters across Ceres broke out into spontaneous riots that saw the colony fall into chaos. Though multiple injuries and even deaths occurred to OPA, UN, and MCRN soldiers, not to mention civilians, the Riots were eventually quashed and a modicum of peace returned to the station.

The MCRN had made it's point however, they were a force to be reckoned with and considered.[1]

A Call to Arms

Having been decimated by internal strife the OPA tries to rally. With Martian ships blockading the belt and the UN sending spies to try and destroy them from within they take action to try and work out what the state of play is. They reason that if the UN and MCRN keeping blaming the belt for the actions of the unknown stealth vessels then it is the belt which will suffer.

Knowing that the Donnager was returning from an abandoned martian research station on Phoebe when it was destroyed they send a force to investigate. As they land a Protogen stealth frigate emerges in their wake. On OPA vessel is lost, but deploys a pod of scrap metal that shreds the frigate.

Inside Phoebe the belters find burned bodies and all systems having been cleared of data. They suspect that the UN or another party murdered the martian researchers.

As the UN takes notice and sends a task force towards Phoebe a tactical MCRN stealth vessels launches long range nuclear torpedoes. The OPA leave long before the torpedoes arrive and destroy Phoebe. [2]

Chapter 3:Escalation

February to June 2018

  • The blockade ends, but the MCRN leaves a permanent presence at Ceres.
  • UN and MCRN tensions rise around Eros, until the Protomolecule reveals itself
  • The Belt tracks down Protogen's research station and makes a daring attack

The Attack on Thoth Station

From New Providence Station the OPA and allies launch an attack on Thoth Station. The research station uses only passive sensors to stay hidden, but soon activates its defences when it detects several vessels conducting a hard burn to decelerate to an attack speed. Several OPA vessels are damaged by the station itself and several stealth vessels, but they successfully destroy its sensor array to render it blind.

A force storms the station on foot and fierce fighting ensures. Eventually the OPA takes the command centre. Several witness the bizarre footage of the inside of Eros. Others are attacked by sociopathic scientists. The OPA gathers the captives, strips the station of its resources and leaves before any help can arrive. [3]

Eros Moves

The MCRN attempts to land a shuttle on the quarantined asteroid. In response the UN fires a warning shot and tensions escalate. Before it can spill into a real battle the protomolecule on the station somehow manipulates the spin reactors and moves the station away.

The fleet follows, but Eros carries out a deceleration manoeuvre that sends the fleet speeding past it, destroying an MCRN vessel. With the martians now closer to the asteroid they land a team and only one member manages to escape when the protomolecule perceives them as a threat.

Eros races away once again, becoming difficult to detect. The MCRN hone in on their dead marine's transponders and several nuclear torpedoes impact near the surface. Eros is seemingly inert once more and drifts towards Sol.[4]

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