La Quiétude

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La Quiétude

La Quiétude is a private security company. It calls itself a private "Justice" company. The company's colours are purple and gold. Like Star Helix, they offer a private policy and many other services.

They offer investigators, anti-terrorist operations, surveillance. And even judicial services. In short, here is a summary of what La Quiétude could offer during a standard anti-terrorism operation. He's offering a contract to flush out the network. Once done, he offers another contract to try the terrorists. Since the latter operate outside the legal sphere of Earth and Mars. Then once judged, La Quiétude proposes an interesting contract for them to be locked up in their prisons. That is what Quietude is, a private justice system.

The company's structure was designed so that each branch would be independent of the other. As should a perfect justice system. This positive point, often put forward by the company, and appreciated by its customers, hides another truth. Above all, it makes it easy to dissolve more or less "legal" operations.


Security services, ship escorts with the assistance of security vessels, patrol, private police, investigation service, legal aid and judicial service. Has a branch dedicated to mercenarism, which includes all the services of a private military company.


La Quiétude tower located in Australia on Earth. But the different branches of the company have their own local offices scattered throughout the places where they operate.


  • Various investors
  • Global Interest (principal and first investor)

Background & History

As national governments fell, a new form of police was born on Earth. La Quietude was not born among the very first companies of its kind. It was later created from the financing funds of Global Interest and other investors. Peace of mind has quickly established itself as an efficient company capable of replacing failed justice systems at a lower cost.

The company quickly became appreciated by governments, since it knew how to use media channels correctly and how effective they were in enforcing the law. One of their biggest partners is the Australian government, which hosts many of the company's penitentiary complexes in exchange for many "services". And a good big discount on all the contracts signed with them. Public safety is even provided free of charge in some cities close to the penitentiary centres in question.

The corporation quickly developed and reached the stars. Simply start as legal services in space. They are now everywhere and seem to be expanding.

Current Operations

The company has offices in Tridon, Tolken City and many other locations. They even have a fleet for escorts.
Yate Gozman have already work for them. But he resigned when he started doubting the company's sincerity. The company has provided William Meyer with discreet henchmen on numerous occasions to assist him in his operations and he seems to have a privileged relationship.

5 years laters

The company benefits from a very profitable partnership with Eldorado's Gates. They settled on several colonies in order to ensure order on the spot. The company is also launching an ambitious commercial development project through the golden vein of the new worlds. They set up new offices on New-Tycho and invested in a fleet of long-range patrol boats to offer their services to all these new adventurers and settlers who are rushing towards a bloody gold rush. The misfortune of some makes wealth of others.