Global Interest Holding

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Global Interest


Meyer family; Shannon

Locations and Facilities

Official headquarters on Earth in Montreal, as well than a office in New-York



lobbying, investment and portfolios management


Global interest is only the cover for the very powerful Meyer family. The company has powerful media and lobbying tools at its disposal. Especially to advance the interests of the Meyer family members.
Global Interest (or GI) has always been able to remain in the shadows without anyone suspecting its existence or its real extent. Gl holds shares in a large number of very important corporations, which allows them to have a great deal of influence on the decisions taken by its latter. For centuries it has served as a cover and command centre for the Meyer commercial empire. The company receives and manages very different activities in its portfolio depending on the project at the time. One of the ways of managing GI is largely based on complex successions of shell companies when it comes to managing certain companies or activities. Which is why it is difficult to know how far their activities and influences are going. Their already very varied portfolio was further expanded when a party of Mao-Kwikowski Mercantile joined their holdings.


Despite the thick curtain of mystery that weighs on their "business empire", some companies are easily reliable to Global Interest. The list can includes the following companies...

Meyer International Caritative Foundation: A charitable foundation that prides itself on always being there to help others. Foundation with major projects all over the system. You would note that it is the only entity that bears the name of the Meyers. Since everything the foundation does is positive and therefore creates a beautiful image of the Meyers' name.

Every year, the foundation organizes a gigantic fundraising event. Politicians, industrialists, lobbies, financiers and bankers, powerful and sometimes even famous soldiers, who have recently made a name for themselves, are invited to this event. But under the facade of a joyful evening. There's a whole other truth behind it. The Meyer don't bust their ass throwing this kind of amazing party every year just for good publicity! Under the laughter of the guests and innocent discussions, there are in fact meetings between powerful people about the future of the world.

There are also auctions that are organized for the benefit of the foundations. But in parallel with the auction, a slightly more secret sale is organised. Sale of services, information, weapons and many others are sold by the Meyers and their friends..

Future Engineering and science: A simple portfolio that brings together all the companies or shares held by the Meyer in the innovation sector. In particular, we can find a certain company called: Advanced Engine....

Solar Defense tools: another portfolio that brings together companies and shares held in the defence sector. One of their owned company, Solar Defense Corp, had a scandal that forced the Meyer to destroy it in small pieces.

Healthy Media: Their portfolios in the media and information sector.

Interspace & Star: A company secretly owned by Global Holding. It made it fortune in shipbuilding, ship design and shipyard maintenance and ownership

+ (plus): One of Meyer's most famous branches. +(read plus) offers people on the basic many help, services and materials. Distributes scholarships, builds and manages schools. Set up public assistance programs, distribute and offer free of charge vital and other medicines and products. For many people on the basic, a + logo is no stranger to them. Is therefore of great importance to the United Nations for its help with the economic cost of the basics. And the Meyers are not shying away from exploiting the help it represented to put pressure on the government.

La Quietude: A private police company that occasionally serves as the right-hand man for the Meyer. The company is divided into several branches, each of which is managed independently of the other.

The company manages and owns prisons a little bit everywhere on Earth and in the solar system. And even has a private branch of justice for cases and trials outside the Terre-Mars sphere. Since the gate was opened, they have built a security fleet worthy of the name to enter the lucrative market of transport in the new systems.