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Zay Boussaa

Zay Boussaa
Zay Boussaa










Place of Birth
Neithadyr, Mars (on his birth certificates, in fact he was born on Earth)


665, residential corridors 55, residential area A5, Aterpole, Londres Nova, Mars

Politician/Congressman/Chief of the Prime Minister Office



Father of Carson Boussaa, has a younger brother


Good talk: He has an innate talent for talking and holding conversations. He uses this talent to coax his preys and try to gets what he wants or want to know.

Learn Fast
: He learn really fast how thing or something work.


Network: He has a long list of person and resource used for the advancement of his projects. He's continually looking for new contacts and resources .Not just because it will be useful at the moment, but in case of the day when it will be useful and because he seem to never has enough pawns to execute his mysterious diabolical plan

Among his pawns we can count:

  • A complex military network: Over the years, Zay has succeeded in building a complex network of officers who are secretly loyal to him for various reasons. Unfortunately for his political enemies, they had no idea that Zay had a considerable portion of the armed forces at his disposal...just enough to cause a heart attack to the Director of Intelligence and a general panic. But fortunately for him, no one knows... Maybe for a good reason.
  • Intelligence network and shady: In addition to having "friends" in the military, he also has friends in the intelligence services! The latter often gives him , secret, thumbs to cover his back.
  • Shady shit: You know very well what I mean.

Money is power: Despite being born in a modest environment, Zayn still managed to create a small amount of money. And when he needs to finance his projects. He always still manages to find sponsors or has generated dark funding networks to carry out his work.

Appetite : From an early age, Zay loves to read and learn. For him there is nothing more exhilarating than knowledge , except of course power. It is therefore endowed with a very diversified and extensive general culture. This allows him to speak many languages and to understand many cultures. His understanding also touches history, science and current affairs as well politics.


Suspicious / paranoid:
Whatever the situation, Zay will always see beyond actions. With every gift offered to him, he always suspects an idea behind his head and always tries to guess what the person will ask a another day. Whatever the situation, there will always be a party of his conscience that will scan the surroundings to try to see if something endangers his life ...

It's someone who hates talking about what he thinks and feels. So he is constantly wearing a mask. No matter the situation, he will never say the bottom of his thought, always words carefully thought to limit the damage and advance his projects and those without ever showing what he really thinks.

Calculator mind :
Zay always analyzes the situations, with each problem he tries to find the most possible solutions. Then he classifies them according to their attractiveness and their percentage of success. Each decision is calculated, sometimes it starts to think and imagines in a mental simulation all the possible outcome to a situation or a problem. Then he takes what he's going to do as a result of what he imagines to be the outcome he likes most.

He has a certain degree of greediness. Culinary, he loves to eat and discover new tastes. Still, he remains mysteriously thin as a toothpick. But he also has another form of gluttony, his mind seems unable to do anything. Which drives him to always look for new things to occupy. Hence his inexhaustible desire to learn and read. It is also this same greed that drives him to seek ever more power.


Ships: Le Riverains, a small one place ships park in the Orbital shipyard of Mars.

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