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William Meyer

This page is a chapter in 'Meyer'

William Meyer
Personal Details
OccupationChief Operating Officer of Global Interest
Place of BirthMontreal, Special Administratif Zone of Quebec, Earth
Faction AffiliationEarth and Protogen
HomeMeyer Domaine


Smart: Having a lot of money and attending the most prestigious schools helps a lot to develop a lively and cunning mind. Especially when you are in charge of a shadow empire that constantly gets its hands dirty without anyone knowing.

Charismatic: Thanks to the money of his family, the Meyer, he offered himself all the surgical operations possible to be in the standards of beauty model, to see beyond.


Patriote: His favorite slogan would be: "Earth come first". It is this vision of things that guides his choices every day. This vision of things that pushed her to help Protogen in their projects even if it meant thousands of deaths... or even millions that it made a difference?

Arrogant: He was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He attended the best schools in the solar system. He has never had any difficulties in life, and always lived on a small cloud of luxury.
He has the nasty tendency to look down on others and think he's stronger than he really is.


William was born in Montreal in the Special Administrative Zone of Quebec. He was born into an ultra-rich and influential family.

William grew up in a privileged and powerful environment. Once these studies were completed, his father offered him the position of Chief Operating Officer.

William quickly demonstrated his ability to manage crisis situations and evolve his organization. He was obviously disappointed when his sister inherited the position of CEO of Global Interest in his place.

But the latter, who was unofficially the one who had been pulling the strings for years, suddenly stopped these schemes and entrenched them behind the walls of the family home.

William therefore took the opportunity to advance his interests. He has had several confrontations with Zay Boussaa, directly or indirectly. And Zay seems unaware that he has a powerful enemy in the person of William.

He was particularly seduced by Protogen and their plans. No one knows that it measures how much it helps the corporation. But he is certain that he has helped them on many levels, such as finding competent employees, arming them or receiving funding in distracted ways so as not to arouse suspicion on their projects.

Some people within Protogen would even go so far as to say that he participated in the disparition of Jule-Pierre Mao. And that the latter was languishing in a prison at the bottom of the solar system... or William just had her killed with the cooperation of some high-ranking Protogen. No one will ever know. In any case, the more time passes, the more William gets more and more involved with Protogen on their projects. A little too talkative languages even says that he provided the stealth technologies. But that's just rumors.

William therefore has a certainly responsibility for what happened on Eros. And he has no remorse.

Action on the board

Work in progress////

He replaces his sister as head of his family's sprawling empire

Criminel empire

William has long created a criminal network that extends its tentacles across many outposts of the solar system, mostly disguised behind the benevolent mask of a legal enterprise. No one knows the extent of this criminal empire nor its extent, but adding his family's empire to his own is beginning to become critical for some of William's enemies.

  • It would appear that he may be taking advantage of the collapse of Ceres' local criminal network to set up his own.

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