William Meyer

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William Meyer
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William Meyer

Will; Meyer








Oligargh, Chief Operating Officer of Global Interest (old), CEO (old), nothing(now)

Place of Birth
Montreal, Special Administratif Zone of Quebec, Earth

Earth, Protogen (old)

Meyer Domain






Smart: Having a lot of money and attending the most prestigious schools helps a lot to develop a lively and cunning mind. Especially when you are in charge of a shadow empire that constantly gets its hands dirty without anyone knowing.

Charismatic: Thanks to the money of his family, the Meyer, he offered himself all the surgical operations possible to be in the standards of beauty model, to see beyond.


Patriote: His favorite slogan would be: "Earth come first". It is this vision of things that guides his choices every day. This vision of things that pushed him to help Protogen in their projects even if it meant thousands of deaths... or even millions, that it made a difference?

Arrogant: He was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. He attended the best schools in the solar system. He has never had any difficulties in life, and always lived on a small cloud of luxury. So he has the nasty tendency to look down on others and think he's stronger than he really is.


William was born in Montreal in the Special Administrative Zone of Quebec, in an ultra-rich and influential family.
William grew up in a privileged and powerful environment. He attends the Earth leading universities and enjoys a wealth and discretion that almost no one can afford in this century. For a while he tried to stand out from the family, but without success. He quickly returned to the arms of his father and Global Interest. He proves his worth to his father and obtains the wonderful position of Chief Operating Officer when he withdraws and leaves the position of CEO to his eldest daughter. His older sister, who was William's predecessor as Chief Operating Officer, was Dad's perfect daughter. Smarter and more cunning than William and above all much more comfortable and skilled with the Meyer style. William lived in the shadow of his sister and was deeply jealous of her. To his great amazement, when she took control of the Meyer empire she changed her attitude. She becomes more withdrawn and drops her plots and plans. She slowly swapped the management of the family empire for a retired life in the family domain.

William therefore took the opportunity to advance his interests. With the free field he takes the freedom to dictate the direction of the company as he wants and imposing himself more and more as the leader. His sister is less and less interested in his activities and leaves him free to do what he wants. With his deeply pro-Earth ideologies, he found himself several times scheming against Mars. Which leads him to severals confrontations with Zay, directly or indirectly. And Zay seems unaware that he has a powerful enemy in the person of William. Among the projects he has implemented are funding and assistance for the creation of Pete Knight.

He was particularly seduced by Protogen and their plans. No one knows how much it helps the corporatio, but he is certain that he has helped them on many levels. Such as finding competent employees, arming them or receiving funding in distracted ways so as not to arouse suspicion on their projects.

Some people within Protogen would even go so far as to say that he participated in the disparition of Jule-Pierre Mao. And that the latter was languishing in a prison at the bottom of the solar system... or William just had him killed with the cooperation of some high-ranking Protogen. No one will ever know. In any case, the more time passes, the more William gets more and more involved with Protogen on their projects. A little too talkative languages even says that he provided the stealth technologies. But that's just rumors.

William therefore has a certainly responsibility for what happened on Eros. And he has no remorse....

Action on the board

William tried to influence the UN during the Ceres crisis so that they could stay or better control the situation. He and his sister thought that once they leave, the population of the belt will understand that it is not just the "bad UN" who mistreats them.

He evacuated critical equipment and data during the Battle of Ganymede to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Martian forces. His yatch was,by chance, in the area during the attack. He had a conversation with the commander, and friend, Suess, who allowed him, without Suess realizing it, to read the UN files on him.

His sister died of an unknown cause before the Battle of Io and he found himself CEO (interim) of Global Interest. Free of his influence, he changed Global Interest's tactics to something more aggressive. He lobbied many politicians and UN officials to take strong action against Mars after the Ganymede incident. He even meets the Secretary General who welcomes him as an old friend. With Zay's unveiling of the Protogen plot, the situation changes again. He succeeded in removing all traces that linked him to Protogen and attended the hostage-taking of the Security Council. Determined to take the lead in the situation, he set up an expedition to find Eros!

He manufactures many ships dedicated to the project and successfully pushed UNN to participate.

5 years laters

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