William Buttersworth

William Buttersworth
HairBrown / Red
Personal Details
OccupationDirector of Providence Shipwrights & Engineering, Captain of the PS&E Revenge
Place of BirthNew Providence Station, The Belt
Faction AffiliationProvidence Shipwrights & Engineering
HomeLives aboard the PS&E Revenge
RankDirector, Captain
Alias(es)Director, Captain, Will, Bill
Relationship(s)Godson of Rachel Lei
RelativesSon of Captain Buttersworth

Skills & Traits
Belter through & through: William was born in the belt, has lived in the belt his whole life, lived with belters his whole life. He is a firm believer in their goals, is sympathetic to their plight, and is contemptuous of the treatment the inner planet nations give to the downtrodden masses of the belt and outer planets. He funds the OPA, in an attempt to assist them in becoming an official, stable government which will eventually give the belters and opportunity to self-determine their own destinies.

Corporate shark: William was primarily educated by the New Providence Core AI. The AI provided an extensive syllabus which allowed William to thrive in the high stakes game of interplanetary intrigue and corporate espionage. He was recently voted in as director of Providence Shipwrights & Engineering, where has had pioneered several new initiatives including the construction of the company's own security fleet, and a deep space rescue fleet. He favours hiring belters in all roles through his company, and this has given him a competitive edge in the marketplace, allowing him to buy out and absorb competitors.

Warship captain: William was school by the New Providence Core AI, regularly partaking in simulated naval battles from a young age. At the age of sixteen, he was allowed to join the crew of a Providence vessel as a civilian observer, this gave him great insight into the running of a successful vessel. As time wore on the Core AI provided him with more and more difficult simulations, until he was confident enough to take his own command aboard the PS&E Revenge.

Rescue operator: William has been trained in the art of deep space rescue and as such is cool-headed and calm under pressure, even when attempting to rescue belters in extremely dangerous situations. This has come in useful on several occasions when construction or engineering jobs have gone awry requiring belter ingenuity to get people out safely.

Freighter: William has spent almost 6 years as a freighter XO, seeing as much of the system as possible. he has ticked off nearby every celestial body from his list bar a few. He knows much of the belt and the Jovian moons like the back of his hand and is regularly able to utilise this knowledge to his advantage.

Cybernetic Implants: In a radical change from his father, William has integrated himself on a cerebral level with the Core AI that runs New Providence Station, Providence Shipwrights and by extension, many of the shipboard AI's for a significant number of civilian and military vessels throughout the system. This allowed him to communicate wirelessly with the AI, coordinate tactics, transactions, digital espionage with the like, with great efficiency. The uplinks also afford him some "unnatural" abilities such as enhanced reflexed, strength and speed, he is also able to call on the stored intelligence and knowledge of the Core AI in certain situations, giving him access to practically unlimited information.

William is straight and to the point, he is ruthless in his command however he cares deeply for his crew and the plight of the belt. He seeks every opportunity to better the lives of its inhabitants and has a thinly veiled contempt for the inner planet nations, seeing their attempts at ownership of the belt and its infrastructure as an invasion of a sovereign nation.


William was born on New Providence Station. He was schooled (like much of the station's child population) by the Core AI, however, the AI focussed his learning on naval battle simulations and corporate & business operations. At age 16 he boarded his first vessel as an observer, within a year he took a full-time role as a freight ship XO. After 4 years of seeing the belt, he returned to New Providence Station to begin working in PS&E fulltime, after several years he was voted in as director of the company, and now oversees its operations from his flagship, the PS&E Revenge.

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