Steven Wright

Steven Wright
Steven Wright

cap', Commodore








MCRN Vice-amiral

Place of Birth
First Landing, Mars


MCRN Simurgh




Son; Benjamin Wright

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Steven is rather tall and has an intimidating stature. His white hair is due to a genetic problem and not to his age.


Birth and youth

Born in the immense metropolis of First Landing. His parents died shortly after his birth. He was sent to the orpholinate because his uncle refused to take care of him. It is therefore literally the Martian state that raises him and rocks him. His environment was therefore very patriotic and left limited space for individualism. He thus develops a very pragmatic vision of things and where Mars holds a privileged place. His school career is perfect, his grades are at the top and always at the top of the ranking. Without real surprise for anyone, he was selected for the Martian Academy.

Meet Zay

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It is therefore a young man who is enthusiastic and slightly naive towards the Martian State, who enters the Academy. From the first day. He notices this strange student like no other. The latter is discreet and remains alone in his corner. But his face constantly approaches that mocking smile, as if he was constantly preparing for a bad blow. Or that he was one step ahead of a game that no one else was playing.

The two young men finally officially met during the election for the Loisirs committee. Both students are looking for a position for different reasons. Zay, for a reason known only to him. And Steven, because he was tired of the current schedule. The two quickly agreed on a common idea and were elected. Zay uses Steven's natural charisma to attract votes. And his brain strengthened ties with other student factions.

One thing led to another, the two ended up forming a lasting friendship. Steven's worldview was turned upside down when it collided with Zay's worldview.

A way of working that was the opposite of Steven's. Zay introduces him to the fact that Mars is not so perfect. That behind every historical action, there is a bloody manipulation behind the scenes. And what was his surprise to learn that Zay, unlike the rest of the Martian population, doesn't hate the Earthers! In fact, his feeling towards them is mixed, sometimes with pity, sometimes with admiration. But never hate. He despises UNN and UN which he sees as a catastrophic failure. Who had control of the solar system, and who has never tried to establish a regime on the whole system . According to him, I quote: "If these morons had had the intelligence to definitively take control of the solar system, and to establish a properly balanced mode of governance. The Cold War would not have taken place and Mars would be just another protectionarat. But they missed their chance, and it is Mars' turn to accomplish Peace." According to him, Mars must take the opportunity that life offers him. And established a new balance in the solar system. A Pax Mars.

So he helps Steven has forged a political opinion and another vision of things. During their years of study, Steven and Zay will help each other. Getting out of trouble, both of us. Until their paths separate. Zay going into intelligence while Steven enlists as an officer.

Early career

Steven starts as a simple officer in an unnamed ship of the Martian Fleet. But his charisma, his efficiency and his personality. He quickly propelled him into the ranks. He was quickly promoted to a high-risk position on a border ship. His skills quickly made him collect victories and medals while his superiors were seduced by him. His great honesty, neutrality and moral sense (as well as his great loyalty) make him highly appreciated by senior officers and then among the Fleet's leaders.

His career is long and marked by intense adventures and interesting experiences, which have forged him an incredible reputation.

He was informed of the Celestial Bird Project, designed, created and promoted by his friend Zay. After fierce behind-the-scenes discussions, it was finally decided that the best choice as first commander of the first ship of the project was none other than Steven Wright. That's how he found himself commander of the Simurgh.

Personal life

Other than work, there wasn't much in Steven's life. No family, no special interest. We haven't had much time to focus on his personal life. Or how he ended up getting married. He had a child, Benjamin. But by an unfortunate accident, little was known about by the public. He finds himself widowed and his son orphaned by one of the parents.

Fun Fact

  • Steven Wright's political views are unknown to everyone, except perhaps Zay. But we can deduce from a conversation with him. That he is rather conservative in terms of justice and order.
  • His favorite colors is the: Ocean blue and sapphire
  • Its hair colour (white) is caused by an extremely rare genetic anomaly. Probably transmitted by his parents. His uncle (the one who refused to raise him) suffered the same thing. To finally discover that it was a harbinger of a fatal disease. He died of it. When Steven first experienced symptoms, his position in the army gave him access to sufficient care to heal him. He deliberately kept the color white and kept an eye on his health in case the disease came back. Her son, on the other hand, does not seem to be affected by the gene. His hair of a magnificent hazelnut color.
  • He doesn't like ketchup!

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