Solaris McClane


Social Information

  • Name: Solaris McClane
  • Home: Family emigrated to Europa
  • Occupation: Research Scientist


Physical Information

  • Age: 27
  • Height: 5'7
  • Weight: 145lbs
  • Hair: Dirty blonde
  • Eyes: Pale Green
  • Skin: Tanned

Skills & Abilities

  • Skills: [Everyone in the galaxy is good at something, whether it’s flying, fighting, shooting, or fixing old junkers. What are your characters major skills?(Please limit to two initial choices)]
  • Traits: [The effects of the various inhabitable places of the solar system can be cruel at times. Whether you're from the richest districts of Earth or the Poorest station on the Belt, you'll encounter some difficulty because of it. What debilitation does your character hold due to their origin? For ideas of what those could be, click here. (Please choose two)]
  • Personality: [What is your character's personality? Are they mean? Charismatic? Rude?]

History & Biography

  • Biography: [What is your character's background? Are they a former United Nations Marine gone rogue? An OPA radical who is attempting to bring about change due to an unfortunate event in their past? Your background can be as rich or as mysterious as you want it to be, but must contain elements of the board general story which can be found here.]

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