Shay Lockley

Shay Lockley
Height185 cm (6 ft. 1)
Weight75 kg (165 lbs.)
Personal Details
Place of BirthNewcastle, Australia, Earth
Faction AffiliationEarth
HomeEarth (currently)

Shay Lockley was born to Damian Lockley and Emily Judson in Newcastle, a city on the east coast of Australia, Earth. He grew up in a fairly wealthy household, and thus from a young age was able to take advantage of the many opportunities available to him as a member of the upper socioeconomic class. He thrived through a happy childhood, performed well at school and was popular amongst his peers.

As a teacher-turned-politician, his mother was pushy when it came to academic rigour, and had enrolled both Shay and his older brother Taron into school an entire year earlier than most kids their age. His father, the CEO of a large and successful trading company, was less involved in their education and upbringing, focusing more on his hope for one of his sons to eventually take part in his rich business empire.

Faith was an integral part of family life, with his parents being members of the Mormon Church. Although he was immersed within LDS life since childhood, Shay's innate scepticism and inquisitive mind drew him further and further away from religion (of any kind) as he grew older. He maintained a superficial obedience during his teen years, whilst secretly engaging in behaviours deemed unacceptable by the Church, but was eventually found guilty of a 'serious transgression' by a disciplinary council. This lead to his excommunication by his religious community, and severely damaged the relationship he had with his parents.

Family foundations had already been on shaky ground when Shay's brother Taron chose to remain on Mars on a more permanent basis several years prior, having lived abroad on the red planet as part of his university exchange program. Both parents were suddenly left empty-nested both physically and emotionally after Shay escaped home to live his own life, having been accepted into medical school in London, whilst his brother took up Martian citizenship. Cut off from the affluence he'd grown up in, Shay signed up as a UNN reservist out of financial hardship, in order to receive sponsorship to cover tuition fees and living expenses. He remained in contact with Taron, even with the awkward awareness of their opposing loyalties.

Despite not having completed his degree with the highest of distinctions, Shay was the youngest of his graduating cohort of junior doctors. He then spent one year as a UNN medical officer to satisfy his service commitment.

Seeking a change of scenery, Shay left Earth to further broaden his horizons, finding employment as a locum medic on various ships, journeying towards the Belt over several months before reaching Ceres. Possessing a valuable skillset in a region of the system so desperate for doctors, he easily secured a more permanent position at one of the station's hospitals, enjoying lucrative rates and flexible rosters. Shay treats his time on Ceres as more of a prolonged working holiday, although that may soon come to an end with geopolitical tensions rising across the Solar System.

As Shay should have (but foolishly did not) expect, chaos erupted within the Belt. The young medic found himself trapped in a place of constant confusion and pandemonium, ultimately leading him to unwittingly join a group of OPA members to raid Thoth station. Fearing capture and being placed under trial by the UN, he was coerced to join a Belter crew and fled to New Providence Station, before becoming embroiled within the bloody conflict that rained over Ganymede whilst acting as part of a humanitarian relief effort.

After an act of betrayal against the Belter crew he'd been working with, Shay gave himself up to the UN and was quickly transported back to Earth. After a lengthy investigation, he was spared any criminal charges and left to pick himself up from his recent shocking experiences in and around the Belt.


Highly driven and effective with his work, but also young and impulsive. Outgoing and sociable, astutely aware of his image, and can be a bit of a show-off. Fiercely independent, occasionally dismissive of others but never a bully. Prefers not to share much about his past or his family. Constantly has his mind set on what his next adventure may be, and has considered re-joining the UNN as a medical officer, or offering shipboard medical services to private contractors.

Skills & Traits

Full-spectrum healer: A medical jack of all trades yet master of none, primarily reflected through his interest in all things emergency medicine. His expertise lie in the realms of resuscitation and trauma, but he remains adept in handling the acute phase of a broad range of medical and surgical conditions. He is resourceful, and has a knack for technical improvisation in ill-equipped environments.

Basic military know-how: Having spent his medical school days as a UNN reservist, and later as a junior naval medical officer, Shay is capable of handling various firearms, and knows how to work alongside those bound by military conduct and procedure. He may not be the sharpest of sharpshooters or the most combat-ready combatant, but has some familiarity with armed tactics.

Harum-scarum: Despite fairly heavy responsibilities in his line of work, Shay's less mature side can display a certain impetuosity that often lands him in hot water. Fortunately, he tends to display this recklessness outside the work setting, but has on several occasions treaded dangerously close to the line between what society deems to be acceptable or unacceptable behaviour for a medical professional. He's lost some of the disciplinary conduct instilled into him during his years as a UNN reservist, and isn't one to shy away from hedonistic attitudes, often indulging in the mixture of alcohol, drugs and sex. Shay is known to put little effort in developing worthwhile relationships, but has recently started to become weary of predictable flings with people he can't connect with.

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