Robert Kung

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Robert Kung
Height185 m
Weight65 kg
Personal Details
OccupationNegotiators for various legal or conflict situations(officially), member of the OPA.
Place of BirthGanymede
Faction AffiliationOPA


Good fighter: Robert attended Ceres' jiu jitsu dojo in his spare time. And sometimes negotiating the terms of work of a group of oprimé belters requires knowing how to use a weapon.

Negotiator: People who do the same jobs as Robert need to be able to negotiate. And Robert wouldn't have done his job for as long if he couldn't negotiate.

Armed: Over time, he has succeeded in putting on a non-negligible number of weapons that he lends to anyone who needs them, to do the good, of course.

Forger: Given that his head is being priced in some stations for past incidents. And from his knowledge of legal documents, he is rather competent to forge false identities. For him and everyone else who needs it.

Contact: His many years in the OPA have given him access to a list of trusted people. Whatever the mission or objective, he already has in mind the people to contact to help him in the task.


Optimiste: "Always see life in its best light" is Kung's credo. He is often confronted with complex and terribly desperate situations. And often only his ability to see the good side and stay positive allowed him to find exit solutions.

Empatic: His great strength and weakness too. If he does the job he's doing today, and he's in trouble. This is because of the fact that he constantly runs to help the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.


Robert Kung was born on Ganymede, like many baby belter, in a clinic that doesn't even have a name, but only a serial number. His father was a contract miner and his mother a lawala.

His father, who is on contract, left quickly after his birth to go and mine in a lost corner. His mother was constantly nosing through legal papers, checking every line and every sentence and spending entire evenings writing legal documents. In a world without laws, but with police officers. Contracts act as laws.

He spends his childhood on ganymede, his nose sticking to the screens of stream media. Watching the news feeds and reports over and over again. When she was 9 years old, her mother brought her with her to join her father who worked in a mining complex on Triton.

His childhood was hard and cold. The city where he lived was poorly heated by the generators alone and his father spent his days thousands of kilometres away. The only school in the region was a school, like all those found in the region, of a contract company. The discipline was strict and the classes were taught by pre-made videos. The AI who would manage his group of students was understandable and boring. The only human who was present was the educational supervisor who ensured that the program was followed.

Then one day, his father's miner's group went on strike. Demanding better working and living conditions.
Fusion Lightning Power (FLP) called on La Quiétude to manage the situation.

It was the first time the young boy had ever been interested in this kind of situation. Finally, the situation was resolved with the head of the protest who was arrested for breach of contract and the other workers who had their contracts amended to add more free time and better monetary compensation.

What was supposed to happen is happening. His father died in a work accident that killed his entire team. FLP gives the widowed mother a monthly pension, and she sells her house and goes with her son to Ceres.

From there she joins a childhood friend of hers. And together they founded a company: Kung & Associates - Ready to negotiate. It is a firm that specializes in verifying employment contracts and coaching various disputes. The company had a modest start, but over time it gained a reputation and money began to flow in. Robert, for his part, succeeded in entering the University of Luna in legal studies.

He spends his free time admiring the Earth from the screens/windows. To admire this blue jewel that could never visit in his life. Condemning to stay in space and never being able to set foot on the native world of his species. Once his diploma is in his pocket, he returns to Ceres and is hired by his mother in the company. And this as a moving representative.

Very quickly he finds himself involved in complex negotiations. And many people or entities use their services for various reasons. Very quickly, Robert diverges from his initial objectives. And started working for charitable and various associations.

He is also actively involved in the development of the OPA. Helping to build a reliable network across the external worlds and providing shelter for those who do not need it.

His head is being priced on some stations due to past incidents. He is involved in many missions or operations for the OPA. Hacking, data theft, rescues, spying,spy rescues, legal negociation e.t.c.

He owns a bric-a-brac shop that he uses as a facade for his activities. The back shop of his store hides many secrets. This is one of the places where he hides his weapons, and hides his many servers that host numerous discussion platforms for the OPA. He considers his store as a point of service for OPA agents. And he's ready to help anyone who shows up at his house, of course, with the right codes. Codes found on forums affiliated with the OPA.

Personally, he helps everyone. He has made an allegation to any OPA cells. Some people would say he runs his own cells, but he will certify that this is not true. He helps and works for everyone, no matter what their allegiances are to one or another OPA cell. Except for the Black Sky, he doesn't like terrorists. So the members of Black Sky see his door closed.

Apart from visiting him in his shop, the other way to contact him would have been through his mother in their company. Or to find him in one of the many anonymous forums where he hangs out.

Action on the board

Five years later

"I'm not a OPA leader" - Robert Kung for the 1000th time

As the OPA's complex network is undergoing an unprecedented assault from the inner planets. The Kung network was consolidated and extended. Every time a cell broke up, several of his survivors would go to the good old Kung's house for help. Kung did his best to hide them every time, but each time his network grew and people joined him.

Very quickly his ( newly renamed) law firm , Kung & Kolove - lawala associates, became the front of an increasingly complex network. Despite Kung's numerous denials to his agents that he does not run an OPA cell, many of his employees see him as a (secret) leader of the OPA. Its complex situation becomes even more complicated when the gates open.

Many people of the belt turn to his firm (known for helping everyone first and foremost the most disadvantaged) to help them manage the legal files about the new worlds. His firm and its network find themselves having to extend its services far beyond the doors. So much so that the firm had to open a branch office on the New Tycho station.

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