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Ren Zhelan


Social Information


Physical Information

  • Age: 32
  • Height: 1,88
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Hair: brown
  • Eyes: grey
  • Skin: pale

Skills & Abilities

Skills: Investigator and profiler. Ren’s a decent shot on the range but has rarely used her gun in anger so far. Her conflict solving skills do not rely on a gun usually. She speaks langbelta and the common tongue English of the inners.

Traits: Belter but not really a Spacer. Growing up on Ganymede and on Vesta station made her slightly more adaptable to gravity but she’s a true belter with a thin, slightly elongated frame. In fact she feels a bit sick for a short period after transitioning to free fall. Space travel is not her favourite pastime.

Personality: Fatalistic and a bit grumpy at times but that may just be part of the job or recent events in her private life..

She sometimes seems to deal better with the low lifes than her superiors but getting the job done has always helped her to have some leeway with the higher echelon.

Ren tends to throw herself at cases fully, neglecting her private life and hobbies (little to mention in that department basically).

She maintains relationships at times and sometimes is misled by the idea that “this is the one” when it totally isn’t or the next case to drown herself in is already waiting around the corner. Most likely she’d be better off keeping things casual and without any strings.

History & Biography

Ren was born as a boy on Ganymede, where her parents moved shortly before her birth. After a few years, the family moved to Lutetia station where Ren went to school.

It was during that time when Ren began her gender transition in her teenager years. Right after she had her basic educational tiers and could stand on her own feet, she decided to moving to Vesta station where she entered a Star Helix recruiting program. Becoming a detective had been a goal but of course teenage dreams didn’t exactly transfer to reality. But Ren managed and she was good at the job.

Street brawling skills, a sharp mind and a thick skin helped her climb the ladders and getting suggested for a detective career inside Star Helix. She eventually made it to full detective at not totally catastrophic precinct on Vesta where she worked until recently….

She had fallen in love with a man and all had looked quite promising but fate had it, this man had to move to Ceres station due to his job for a cargo company, at least temporarily. They had maintained a long distance relationship but eventually one of them had to do something about it. And so Ren requested transfer to Ceres Star Helix. After some time (and the Ceres blockade, which had opened up positions) the transfer was granted. But when she arrived, the apartment and the credit account had already been emptied and the man had just recently left the station - with another woman.

Now Ren now has to buy furniture and settle into a new station security force where she was the rookie again...


Art Credits

  • photomanips are my own work based on model pictures and Expanse official artwork
  • Parent Writer account: drifter

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