Rachel Lei

Rachel Lei
Height6 ft 7"/ 205cm
Weightaverage belter female
SkinMix / Light tan
Personal Details
OccupationExecutive Officer of the Saxon
Place of BirthCeres
Faction AffiliationSaxon / OPA
HomeNew Providence Station / NPS Saxon
StatusActive. Working as the XO of the OPA privateer vessel, the Saxon


Lei grew up in the belt and is a belter through and through but due to her parents upbringing does not have many of the prejudices many belters hold against inners. She is a gifted astrophysicist and uses her knowledge to keep the Saxon operating smoothly. Her gifts have allowed her to rise through the ranks of many vessels, however she has settled as the XO of the Saxon, hoping to push the ships business in the direction of transportation and distribution over its original income source as a pirate vessel.

Rachel regularly leads away teams and missions when docked at stations, as she is a born and bred belter the Captain prefers to use her for interacting with many belter stations and colonies, finding business tends to be more lucrative when belters work with belters. This has allowed Rachel to build up an extensive network of business associates, enforcers and OPA operatives sympathetic to her cause and the plight of New Providence Station and its citizens.

She is an adept as the use of firearms, preferring to use her hand cannon over rifles, carbines and other larger weaponry. She regularly uses her wit, gender and veiled threats as a means of getting what she wants out of people, especially if lives are on the line.

As XO she is a respected individual on the ship. Her time among belters have given her a hard personality, however she cares deeply for the well-being of her crew, including that of her captain, Buttersworth. She is quick witted, smart and trustworthy, these traits have helped her develop many connections throughout the belt and the OPA

Rachel Lei was born on Ceres. Due to her parents wealth, she was afforded a full education and graduated from Ceres University with honours in Astrophysics and Computer Science. During her time at university she was exposed to the plight of less fortunate belters, joining several civic minded groups in an attempt to advocate for better working and living conditions for those under the control of Terran or Martian megacorporations. Eventually, she helped organise student protests to bring attention to these causes but began clashing with loca law enforcement. At the request of her parents she finished her studies without getting into further trouble, but shortly after graudating she left the station.

After leaving Ceres, she began working for the Tycho Megacorporation, in a position aboard Tycho station where she oversaw ship construction and development projects throughout the belt. Whilst her operation scope was limited to relatively small time construction projects (nothing compared to the gartantuan task of the construction of the Nauvoo), she oversaw the comissioning of over a dozen freighters and support ships for belt based mining and prospecting companies.

It was here she was introduced to elements of the Black Sky Collective, an extremist arm of the Outer Planets Alliance. Whilst working aboard Tycho, she used her access and connections to start up a black market business smuggling equipment and contraband for them via Tycho. After she had completed her contact at Tycho, she accepted a job running missions for Black Sky on a small, unregistered vessel, the nature of these missions regularly involved smuggling drugs, weapons and goods normally deemed illegal to the authorities of the belter based stations, however due to her diligence her career as a smuggler was never known to any others than those in the Black Sky Collective. After her commander at the time botched a mission which lead to the deaths of several Martians and Belters, she left the collective in disgust and protest. In an effrot to return to legitamte work, she sought employment on an Earth corp freighter that ran resupply missions to the Jovan moons.

On a mission to the Jovian moons her vessel was attacked by pirates from New Providence Station, risking her life she parleyed with the Captain, and secured the lives of her crew and herself. Thus began her career as a crewman on the privateer NPS Saxon. Since then she has risen through the command structure before settling as the ships XO.

Career on the Saxon:
Rachel spent the majority of her time on the Saxon attempting to direct the ship operations away from black market operations, into more legitimate ventures such as the freight and sale of exports from New Providence Station such as fresh vegetables, fruit, beer, barley, hops, wine, cannabis and tobacco. This was a successful venture for several years before the ships Captain became involved in the Outer Planets Alliance. Rachel dutifully followed her Captains lead, however she secretly saw the man becoming steadily more unhinged as his aocoholism deepened.

Rachel was nearly fatally wounded on a recent mission on Ceres Station where her away team was attacked by a squad of UNN Marines seeking to recover a wayward UNN Doctor. The Doctor successfully treated her aboard the Saxon en-route to Ganymede where they were again tracked down by the UNN and forced into a stalemate.

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