Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger

Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger
Oliver "Cervan" Yaeger



1,85 meters

88.5 kg





UNN Admiral

Place of Birth
North American Shared Interest Zone, Pennsylvainia


Landhouse in Pennsylvainia; UNN Armageddon's Edge; Apartment in New York




Grace Kingston(Daughter), Amanda Kingston(Wife; deceased), Adam Yaeger (Brother; deceased)


Yaeger is an aged man with light grey hair and blue eyes. He despises the overall blue UNN Officers uniform and prefers the armed forces green combat uniform whenever he can. However, he rarely wears it outside of his ship.

Skills and Traits

Skilled Survivalist: Although lacking the physique to apply the practical talents he learned during his survival times he skillfully uses the principles, mindsets, and knowledge he came to understand in that time in his military career.

Knowledgeable: Leaning early in his life that knowledge is the most powerful tool he almost spends all his spare time using every medium possible to acquire more knowledge. His vast treasure of information not only limits itself to practical things but also to many seemingly pointless facts and ideas.

Aged: Even though medical care has kept his body in relative shape he is not a young man anymore and isn't able to maintain a physical shape akin to many of the younger UNN officers.

Excellent Chef: After the death of his wife Cervan was forced to learn how to cook properly so he could provide his daughter with a healthy diet. This soon developed into a dedicated hobby and he keeps perfecting his skills.

Brilliant Chess Player: Yaeger has been a passionate chess player ever since he first enlisted into the UNN. The game appealed to his special interest in strategy and outmaneuvering one's opponent. Like that he quickly became a skilled player, although never shouting it out loud or even mentioning it.


If one was to describe Cervans personality with three words they would be: Determined, Pragmatic and Cunning.


Cervan comes from a simple lower-middle-class family. Born in a small town in northern Pennsylvania he spends most of his childhood alone because his parents were at work in a nearby factory. He grew to understand that the world is cruel and that only those who will fight for themselves will achieve something in their lives but also understood that true strength does not come from physical strength but rather from the strength of the mind.

With no particularly strong bond towards his parents, he often disappeared into the vast forests, not reemerging for months. He became a hardcore survivalist who always thought of new ways to defeat the wild forests around him and bend them to his will. The only real social contact he kept was towards his older brother Adam who also barely was at home, preferring to spend his time with friends rather than with his parents. The two got along well with each other and helped carry the burden their parents had put upon them. However, when Adam was old enough he immediately enlisted into the United Nations Marine Corps and was killed in action 7 years later.

When he turned 18 Oliver disappeared without a word and enlisted into the United Nations Navy, never to be seen again in his home town. For many years he rose through the ranks of the UNN, earning himself a reputation as a hardcore militarist and a became known for unconventional and creative battle tactics, often using his environment or other tools to his advantage in battle.

He married Amanda Kingston at 32 and after 4 years they had a child together which they named Grace. Sadly just five years later Amanda died during an incident in a factory which led to the release of highly poisonous gas in a 50-kilometer radius around the center of the explosion. His wife worked in a nearby city which was quickly engulfed by the toxic fog. She died 24 hours later. From then on Cervan took care of his daughter as best he could.

The added name Cervan originated from a nickname given to him by his fellow trainees at the UNN academy. They called him fox to mock the fact that he was so obsessed with nature and especially the creature. This later developed into the name Cervan, a Norse name that literally means fox. It stuck with him and as his career progressed he adapted the name so much his birth name was rarely used by anyone anymore.

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