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The woman who would later become Prime Minister Yalara Sien of the Martian Congressional Republic is perhaps one of the greatest political stories that could be told. Yalara was born as a third generation Martian, her family having moved early on to the planet. She was a hard worker, utilizing her intelligence in the Martian Agricultural Research Projects and only finding politics later in life. She is often described as a true Martian, dedicated to her people and attempting to bring about greater relations to the other powers in the System. That being said there are rumors that Yalara holds a far harsher side than is seen by most.

Early Life

Yalara Sien was born on Mars as a third generation member of her family. From an early age it was quite clear that Yalara was both intelligent and driven, believing fully in the Martian cause and wanting to support her planet. She excelled in both mathematics and biological studied, eventually joining the Martian Agricultural Research Program at an exceptionally young age.

It was here that Yalara truly began to excel and show her gifts. Along with her colleagues, she took many steps to Martian self-sufficiency, with her ultimate goal being to allow Mars to feed itself and perhaps even nearby Belters. Of course, this project was eventually derailed by the same problem that many other Terraforming projects found themselves troubled by, the military efforts of the MCR.


Yalara’s involvement in Politics came about due to her frustrations with Mars’ situation in the Solar System.

Due to the necessity of her homeworlds military growth, many projects, including her own were stalled. Yalara eventually came to see that this would happen over and over again until Mars was finally brought to a place where they were secure enough in their future to actually fund terraforming in full. This eventually lead the young woman to run for office.

Her platform was a simple one, aimed towards taking a final stand against Earth and positioning Mars in a more prominent form among the Belt. Yalara truly believed that it was only right for Mars to take a better place in the galaxy.

Prime Minister

After the terrorist attack striking at the Mars and Earth peace conference, Yalara stepped into the role of Prime Minister with a sweep of elections. Her rise to power was a quick one, and her advocacy for growing Mars to a point where they would be both self-sufficient, and a power greater than Earth was a huge draw for the voters.

Yalara kept her promises, and in the wake of her election Mars cracked down on what it saw as a pressurization of its growth. The MCRN was sent out to enforce greater control on Martian controlled stations, and quickly it became apparent that Prime Minister Sien intended on taking a new hold of her planets surroundings, posturing to take a more prominent role than Mars had ever held before.

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