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Enzo Blois

This page is a chapter in 'Ceres Independence Frontier'

Enzo Blois
Personal Details
OccupationLeader of the CIF
Place of BirthEros
Faction AffiliationOPA, CIF
HomeCeres Station, Docks

Personality and History
Born as the son of a whore on Eros, Enzo quickly learned the rules of the street and that the bigger one always eats the little ones. He made it his goal to always be the bigger one.
Early on he discovered his abilitiy to manipulate and twist people until they suited his needs and used that to rise within ErosĀ“ underworld. But when he got to powerful he was so misfortunate to piss off the wrong people, which forced him tochange his identity and left Eros on the cheapest freighter he could find.
On Ceres he was picked up by the OPA and quickly rose through their ranks, though never really fully adapting their ideals and dreams.
After many years of working in different OPA faction he became part of a movement within the Risen that seeked to achieve their goals through political Ways, a disipline Enzo naturally excelled at.
When this movement became an independent faction Enzo decisively took command and has been leading the CIF since then.

After the events around Io, Blois was abducted by an MCRN hit squad ant has not been seem since then.


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