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Detective Sikes

This page is a chapter in 'Lukas Forgrave'



Name: Jericho (a.k.a. Erik) Sikes
Age: 55
Height: 2.0 meters
Weight: 81 kg
Hair: Red, either shaved or kept messy
Eyes: Light blue
Skin: Pale and freckled, Caucasian
Occupation: Detective, Golden Bough informant
Faction Affiliation: Star Helix

Place of Birth: Tycho Station
Home: The Belt, Ceres Station



Story and Personality

"Whoever gave him a badge should really question their judgment of character."

Jericho was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His parents were well established engineers, generations removed from the very group that developed the stabilizing technology for Ceres Station. It was clear to them, from a very early age, that his interests and intellect lied far removed from the betterment of society. How could he care about them, when he cared so much for himself?

As soon as he could take a low cost transport, hot bunking with the rest of the ship, he did. Quickly showing a propensity for ruthlessness and cowardice, mingled together, he fit perfectly into the world of Star Helix. But it was the Aryan Flyers and the Golden Bough that allowed him to truly flourish.

A cop couldn't be more corrupt than Jericho, even if they tried. Because he has. His willingness to stoop to degrading levels is only matched by his clever skill sets, his learned ability to fight, and his strategic mind. Of those who remain in Helix from the days that precede the current conflicts, he is one of the few remaining members that knows the majority of Luka Forgrave's past. His interactions in the Golden Bough, the acts that earned him the moniker Da Pomang, and his involvement in training Benton Kahir - a top ranking member of the Bough.

Jericho is obsessed with the inherent 'evil' nature of Da Pomang. His careless disregard with life and obsession with Luka Forgrave gives him the unusual advantage to inflict harm without a single thought towards consequence. There is no good, no bad, nothing like that. Jericho just wants things and he is willing to railroad anyone who gets in the way of that.


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