Angel Meyer

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Angel Meyer
Angel Meyer









CEO of Global Interest

Place of Birth
Paris, Western European Common Shared Interest Area, Earth


Meyer Domain





Angel Meyer, born in Paris, into the powerful Meyer family. Is destined since his birth to a life of shenanigans and plots. Like her younger brother, William Meyer, she grew up in a rich and comfortable environment. His education was done in the greatest schools on the planet (and the most expensive). She was the young darling of the family. The one who studied well and always had good grades. Which has always attracted his little brother's jealousy.

She graduated in law and finance. As soon as he left school, his father hired her into the "family business". She quickly integrates into the working environment. Since his parents have been taking her to all the galas and meetings of the powerful gratin of the Earth since she was a child. She finished Chief Operating Officer of the company and undertook numerous aggressive manoeuvres against what she considered to be the rise of the Martian evil empire.

From there it will come up against a man named Zay. Who put many sticks in his wheels. Thus began a war, backstage, between her and Zay. All ending on the case of military radars and Zay divorce. The latter had sworn to himself that he would take revenge.

Either Zay got revenge or fate is weird. Since soon after, his father dies. And she's taking over the CEO position. The position she's been coveting for a long time! Now, strangely enough, following his appointment. The schemes suddenly stopped and she began to withdraw to the Meyers' propertys. Devoting more and more of his time to her whimsy.

His "public" appearances in front of more and more rare. Limited to the galas. The only operations she supervised were the takeover of part of the Mao-Kwikowski empire, some of which was aggressive. Strangely, as soon as Jule-Pierres Mao disappeared. The Meyers' lawyers were already ready to steal specific parts of the Mao empire. Like employees in particular, patents in particular or actions in particular. And this in a scheme that seemed to be preparing advances. What the Meyers took were specific pieces and they took it in a way that seemed natural. If someone were to look at the operation, they would be unable to say why they took these parts in question. But even this operation was not entirely within her control. It was almost entirely orchestrated by William Meyer.

One of the reasons may be that she is suffering from an unknown disease that seems to be eating away at her little by little. No information is known about it and may remain a total mystery. Anyway, she eventually died between the battles of Ganymede and Io from a cause unknown to all. His death as a major part of his life remains totally shrouded in mystery and untruth.

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