The Meyer family is a powerful shadow family. Few people can understand what they are and what they want. They are not businessmen. Since they never seek profit and control of a sector. They are not politicians, since they have never founded a political dynasty or even approached the public scene. The Meyer family considers themselves to be the guardians in the shadows of the Earth. They are discrete and powerful....

If you mention the Meyer name to a typical person, he'll frown and say:''Who?. If you tell a historian, he will give you a list of public figures with family ties with them. Without anything more. If you tell a banker their name, he will shrug his shoulders without really understanding what you are saying. While others will take you out of their office or start suspecting you. And if you tell politicians, they will no longer speak to you.

The history of the Meyer begins, according to the best sources, in the 21st century. They begins in Canada. The world is collapsing and a serious resource crisis is affecting the planet in crisis. As wars begin for the control of water and depleted resources, and water rises, killing millions of people. May the superpowers collapse to make way for other powers. Canada is one of them. Safe from shortage problems and in control of 75% of the world's fresh water. Canada was a country that wasn't really a lot affected by the consequences of global warming. And during this troubled time, a distant member of the Meyer lineage succeeded in taking power in this country.

This first Meyer started a network of contacts that even resisted his retirement from politics and then his death. His descendant became rich through the sale of Canada's resources. Forward-thinking and cunning, they invested heavily in the space industry and developed their portfolios across almost all sectors. This allowed them to extend their influence and power almost everywhere.

The family must involve in many ways in the creation of United Nations as it is today. Many Meyer worked for the United Nations at a time when he was undergoing radical change. And these people always made sure that their names did not spread too much in history books. One of these was simply the wife of one of the most famous Secretaries General who was in office at a time when the most radical reforms were being implemented. The family today remains discreet and in the shadows, pulling strings here and there. Encouraging or discouraging projects.

Their properties are found all over the world and their name is associated with a foundation that bears their name.Each year is organized by their foundation, a gala. A different place every time and a different surprise. The latter attracts all the top political and financial leaders in the United Nations.

But under the cover of an innocent gala. There is another truth behind it. The Meyers sometimes use the gala ,to organize more or less legal activities. And also to bring people closer together. To create links or contacts between certain personalities. And thus allow the progress of interestings projects. Many people who were uninterested at the time of their invitation to the gala, came out with new resources and ready to carry out their projects. Politicians have already emerged from the gala with the sudden emergence of ways to win elections, military personnel with promotions or funding for their projects and entrepreneurs with financing and authorizations for theirs projects.

And nowhere is the name of the Meyer mentioned....

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