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Lukas Forgrave



Name: Luka(s) Forgrave
Age: 39
Height: 1.95 meters
Weight: 99 kg
Hair: Brown, kept short and well
Eyes: Blue, approaching electric
Skin: Tan, Caucasian
Occupation: Detective, amateur seamstress
Faction Affiliation: Star Helix

Place of Birth: Innis Shallows, Londres Nova - Mars
Home: The Belt, Ceres Station

Skills and Traits

Good in a fight: From a young age, Luka learned to watch his back. Raised in a rough part of town, he discovered the line between time to fight and time to stay quiet rather quickly.
Keen eye and intuition: His attention to detail makes him particularly capable in what would eventually become his profession.

Low gravity: Being raised on Mars has its drawbacks. Namely, that the gravity isn’t much different from growing up on the belt. While he’s in what Martians would consider peak physical performance, he still does his best to avoid places like Earth or other high gravity environments.
Sun sickness and the not-so-pretty lights: Due to being raised on Mars, in subterranean conditions, Luka is easily disoriented in strong light environments.


His mother always said that if he had nothing good to say, might as well not bother. She must have took him for mean-spirited. Growing up, he was perpetually pensive, caught in thought and the complexities of life. He figured that if something needed saying, most times others would manage just fine. What could have been mistaken for a standoffish approach to communication was simply a depth that didn’t need revealing.

With early life ambitions to join the Martian Marine Corps (MMC), to leave the depths of the Shallows, he always found himself focused on education and physical capability. However, with his quiet tendencies, the recruitment officers took him for lacking in the skills necessary to perform his duties. They couldn’t have been further from the truth.

While he tends to isolate himself and function as a loner, he is supremely stubborn, kind, nearly incapable of being offended, and ruthless when the time calls for it. Took a hard shell to grow up where he did, though his parents worried that those defenses might have gotten stuck. That he wouldn’t flourish in life. That was an assumption he eventually proved false, as well.

Distinguishing Marks and Appearance

Luka is what one might call well built, if not on the short side of standard Belter height. Rarely varying up his clothes, it's often a drab mixture of standard pants and long sleeve shirt. Beneath a high collar jacket, he has a shoulder harness for small arms and typically carries two pistols on him at all times.

While he was born in the low gravity of Mars, he trained from an early age to be a marine. This includes a steady workout regimen at 1G, which he continues at a gym on the high side of the Ceres Plaza. This gives him a stockier presence than most, setting him apart in both posture, physique and gait. While no tattoos are visibly presence while clothed, he is covered in an assortment of digital and belter ink, along with numerous scars.

  • Tattoo: A hearbeat insignia across the crest of his clavicle (displaced by three gunshot scars)
  • Tattoo: A digital map of the tunnel systems on Londres Nova on his abdomen and ribs, highlighting the route from Innis Shallows to Salton
  • Tattoo: A band of parallel thick red and black lines on his right thigh with "6G" marking the center front line of his thigh.
  • Scar: Long scar running from left shoulder to left armpit (result of a political debate between him and Benton Kahir)
  • Scar: Three raised slashes across his lower abdomen, where a broken beer bottle cut a bit too deep during a fight in the Medina.
  • Scar: A parallel line just above his hip from an explosion sending a rebar rod through his waist.
  • Scar: From the same rebar event, the hitman fired three shots into the back. Leaving a set of matching scars on chest and back, just beneath the heartbeat insignia across his center clavicle line.
  • Scar: A bangle shaped scar around his left wrist where an angry father took a cleaver to it. Nearly severed the hand clean off but rehab and new world technology made it right as rain.
  • And more...

Biography (Pre-Posting)

Luka was raised in the cul-de-sac of Innis Shallow. He never took to hating it[​IMG] like the others, stuck in the rut of the Martian subterranean life. Instead, he saw his formative years as an investment in what was to come. While his father was a nameless rank in the MMC, his mother was an instructor at Salton Upper University. If it weren’t for his father's contribution to the defense, the Forgrave family might have found themselves ostracized for finding work elsewhere and not committing to the total and life consuming Shallows belta life.

Nevertheless, as soon as he was capable, Luka was making his way to the university as often as he could. While his course load was typically generalist, he consumed as much as he could in anticipation of following in his father's footsteps. Much to his father’s shame, Luka was denied enlistment into the MMC. The office cited various physical and mental deficiencies. Following that and his 18th birthday, Luka was pushed out and forced into the belt.

That was the last time he saw his parents. If he were being honest, he only really missed his mother.

Heading to Ceres, he was quickly picked up by Star Helix and shown the ropes. What kindness survived the Shallows was only further buried in the meat grinder of chasing gangs and filling the bellies of the corporate entities that lined the pockets of Star Helix Security group. That didn’t bother him. He just hyper focused on his work, pushing his way through the muck, and influencing the meager things he had power over. In his time there, he took to being called Detective Dust. Though, in truth, he found the belta life more to his liking. And in that vein, he found himself relating more closely to their ever present woes.

Now he’s caught in between the factions of a almost certain war, held at bay by brittle peace treaties and haphazard blockades. So for now, he’s keeping his head down on the galactic scale and focusing on the Loca Greiga and Dos Arriagas...

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