Lucrezia Letizia Dionisi

Lucrezia Letizia Dionisi
Age58 (b. November 13, 2299)
Height173 cm
Weight60 kg
HairDark brown
Personal Details
Place of BirthNaples, Italy, Earth
Faction AffiliationUN
HomeNew Hague, Luna
RankDeputy Undersecretary of Interplanetary Affairs
Attorney General
Relationship(s)Riccardo Aleotti (1322–1326)
Pjotr Mordashov (2326–2330)
Alec Ellison (2333–2336)
Azim Shanghvi (2338–2340)
Petter Røkke (2342–2343)
Wen Huateng (2347–2350)
Valentino Dionisi †
Rita Dionisi (née Petrucci)
Gianluca Aleotti (b. 2325)
Magda Mordashov (b. 2328)

Skills & Traits

  • Diplomat: Lucrezia can talk circles around the best of them, relying on easy wit and ruthless intelligence. Drawing on a wide pool of knowledge, she’s capable of engaging in nearly any topic of conversation. Her gentle laugh makes her a quick favourite, doing much to obscure the cold measure of her smiling eyes.
  • Polyglot: She’s fluent in Italian, Neapolitan, English, Russian, French, and Chinese – a quick way into the good graces of many political and corporate magnates of the system.
  • Long arm of the law: Before entering the tumultuous arena of politics, Lucrezia nurtured a long tenure as an extremely successful lawyer. She knows the system inside out, oftentimes applying the pressure of her experience in negotiations. And if she’s familiar with any loopholes, well... that’s for her to know and you to never find out.
  • Fight like a girl: Lucrezia has no martial training whatsoever, making her an easy target for... just about anyone. Though she takes care of her figure, her constitution and physical fitness leave much to be desired.
  • Grounded: Having spent the majority of her life with her feet firmly on Earth, Letizia is neither fond of nor experienced when it comes to space. Her orientation in zero-g is nonexistent, and she’s had the embarrassing misfortune of throwing up on more than one jaunt to Luna.
  • Addict: A career like that doesn’t just fall out of the blue; not on Earth, not in this age. She’s spent many a sleepless week pursuing leads and honing her delivery, storming along on a cocktail of designer drugs tailored to people just like her. Though she’s been sober for over a decade now, the temptation always persists.


Any inquiry about Miss Dionisi will always return the same story – congenial, kind, approachable. A lifetime member of a dozen charities; pro bono defence in difficult cases for people of all walks; an outspoken proponent of social measures; blood and marrow donor; the list goes on and on. (It includes photoshoots with the neglected, the starving, the destitute, and the ill.) On the surface – and, indeed, upon thorough inspection – Lucrezia Letizia Dionisi is the model public servant.

Even in high-stakes negotiations, Lucrezia is never anything less than perfectly civil. She exercises her will with a congenial smile and excels in convincing people that fulfilling her wishes was their idea in the first place. She’s never been in an argument she hasn’t won, and there’s no case under her belt that she’s lost – multiply that by three decades, and it’s a small surprise she’s only arrogant enough for two people.


Early Years

She was born and raised in the Napoli-Ercolaneo megaplex. In the sweltering heat of a chained volcano, there wasn’t much to wish for but an escape to mellower climes. Despite growing up on Basic, Lucrezia was anything but a loser. She plainly refused anything less than achieving her goals in full.

Sharp wit let her get her foot in the door; thinking on her feet let her waltz into the office. She beat the mountainous odds stacked against her and clawed through law school working poles, corners, and graveyard shifts. Her grueling beginnings left her with a marked appreciation for the luxuries that poured in later, when she hunted down success and tamed its fickle nature with an iron will.

Career in Law

[​IMG]Lucrezia met Riccardo Aleotti while working for Tissutti & Borja. After she helped his company with the lawsuit they were facing, the two started spending more time together. Business eventually took him north, and she graciously accompanied her fiancé. At Oxford she picked up her education in judicial matters and emerged a few years later as a polished attorney.

In the fourth year of their marriage, a class action landed on her desk. A new drug Menarini had just put in circulation with pharmacies was causing liver problems in certain people. The whole case was still in pre-trial when the whole affair took a nosedive – Riccardo was found in an unknown apartment, forcibly overdosed on the problematic drug. Following the death of Aleotti the company was restructured and redistributed, and the action ultimately fell through when there was nothing and no-one left to sue.

The widow only stayed long enough to help wrap up the legal fallout of her husband's murder. A suspect was eventually found – one of the defendants in the class action – and indicted in a brisk, ruthless trial. To escape the bad memories clinging to her in London, Lucrezia took up with a big firm in the east. The chill of Moscow, as it turned out, was a welcome balm for her aching heart.

The Russians were nothing if not sticklers for tradition, and so she ended up with a view of Kremlin itself. Karev, Karunov & Mönkhbat kept her busy with corporate cases up to her gills, so much so that she managed to bury her grief in legal work.

She only climbed back out when she received an invitation to attend a gala – and by virtue of nothing less than her competence in razing the company’s accusers. The celebration was brimming with excess scarcely anyone could afford in that day and age. And yet, there it was; a wealth flaunted through opulence and dignitaries partaking of it.

Among the milling ambassadors, ministers, and entrepreneurs, only one caught her eye – Pjotr Vladimirovič Mordashov.

As the weeks carried on, the pair were spotted attending more and more venues together. A high-end restaurant here, an elite theatre there, and before they knew it, they were striding down the aisle.

In only a few short years, the firm Lucrezia worked at became Karev, Karunov, Mönkhbat & Dionisi. Their prosperity reflected well on the business of both spouses, and so they took frequent, joyful vacations. From the thawed tundra to the tip of Good Hope, there were scant few places on Earth they didn't see.

Then for a second time in her life, her happiness was cut short. Even the best medical care (and lord knows they could afford it) could not save a man from his own treacherous heart. The cardiac arrest was swift – according to the coroner, Pjotr was dead before he hit the floor.

Lucrezia received the tragic news half a world away, not one minute after closing a successful case in Brasília.

[​IMG]She left the firm in the wake of her husband’s death and decided to stay overseas, far away from the terrible ordeal. As always when threatened, Lucrezia took refuge in her work. The next three years passed her by in a flash, and she’d never looked up to see them draining away.

By then, Letizia had established her own business, Dionisi & Associates, vaulting her right to the top of the litigating foodchain. South America was good to her – the climate and jovial disposition of her fellow man had a remarkably positive influence on her morose countenance.

It was emerging from her grieving period that she ecountered Alec Ellison. They met while enjoying a vacation in the Caribbean (what was left of it, anyway). One thing led to another, and several months later, the pair rejoined the world holding hands.

They got married not long after in a private affair on the very same island. While business kept them apart for long periods of time, their friends (and, in several cases, themselves) assured everyone it was working well. If the lavish parties they threw for each on their anniversaries were any indication, Dionisi and Ellison were very much in love.

Even so, fate had it out for Lucrezia. While cruising in the Caribbean, Alec suffered a fatal incident. He’d slipped overboard and got run under his own yacht, drowning in the process. A tox screen revealed he had alcohol in his bloodstream at the time of death, likely contributing to the accident.

And back north she went – though this time, she remained on the same side of the pond. Joining forces with a renowned LA attorney, the two became Dionisi & Shanghvi – a name to strike terror in the heart of every prosecutor along the Western seaboard. Together they burned their mark into corporate law, pursuing cases with the viciousness of rabid dogs.

What began as a purely utilitarian partnership quickly evolved into much more, doubtless fueled by their constant success. When they conquered their fiftieth case, they first celebrated with an old vintage of champagne, then an old vintage of cognac, and, well, woke up in bed.

After a trial period of a few months – they were both professionals, after all – the pair decided that they worked just as well as a couple, and promptly tied the knot. (Some would say they were even better when together.)

Purportedly their marriage was just as vivid as their careers. Though rumors always circulated, nobody ever did produce any proof. In the end, they went out with a bang, not a whimper. They say that whatever’s short is at least sweet. Well...

The bang was their divorce – a fitting fire to burn whatever remained of their relationship.

Coming home a day early from a business trip, Lucrezia found Azim in bed with a hooker, high as a kite on an expensive cocktail of designer drugs. Though he later tried to claim he thought the prostitute was his wife, his empty excuses fell on deaf ears. As behooved her, Lucrezia took him for all he was worth and left him in the ashes of the court he used to rule alongside her.

Three months later found Lucrezia making overtures in New York, and Azim hanging from a crystal chandelier in his empty villa.

Career in Politics

[​IMG]Røkke wasn’t planned.

That is, the marriage wasn’t. As a tool, he’d been an extremely useful cog in her machinations. In the end, he simply refused to let go. (And really, what’s another wedding ring when she’d already borne four others?)

Petter started out as a connection – not to the fat cash cows for once, but to the showrunners. It was all smiles and soirées for the public, then backroom deals once the camera flash died down and the microphones were all put away.

After two decades in the business, Lucrezia knew damn well how the world worked. This was, in fact, the argument she made (in not so many words) to the Undersecretary of Justice in a closed-doors meeting for a certain office.

Evidently, it it did the trick – having put all its open cases to rest, Dionisi & Associates dissolved a few months later. The inauguration itself was a vapid vanity fair, but she’d always excelled at those. Lord knows Attorney General looked as nice next to her name as the diamond ring on her finger.

All the flash and pomp aside, Lucrezia took to the public role with as much zeal as she’d ever devoted to any company. Her skill from the other side of the court sent many a defendant running thanks to reputation alone. The UN’s investment, if one might borrow corporate lingo, was quickly paying off.

The rush of her new appointment was stopped short only once her anniversary with Røkke came around. With her newfound circles, the occasion was an easy excuse to draw even more people into her vast web of useful acquaintances. Petter then departed early for their planned vacation – he had some business to take care of in Australia anyway, and she would join him in a few days for a proper holiday.

Instead of a second honeymoon, however, all Lucrezia got was another funeral to organise. Along with the group of partners and politicians he’d been entertaining, Røkke got killed when their private plane crashed on the flight to down under.

Mighty fine mess it left her with, too. Lucrezia though, she did what she always did – doubled down. The kids were thankfully all grown up at this point, carrying names of fathers long past.

She dealt with it alone.

Besides work, she filled her time with philanthropy and charity. Her term ticked away, and Miss Dionisi honed herself into a keen judicial weapon. With each year she filed her proverbial nails, taking names from the comfort of her leather chair.

Few were brave or foolish enough to take her on. Even among those that tried, most would falter in out-of-court settlements when faced with her poison charm. And yet one stood out – an intrepid lawyer that wouldn’t back down from his quarry no matter the warnings she issued with curled lips and hooded eyes.

His case ended up tanking, of course. Lucrezia chewed and spat him out before the jury; Wen, though, he seemed to like it.

Age difference notwithstanding, Huateng invited her out for drinks. His bold nature persisted even outside the courtroom. He dissected and criticised every last branch of the UN on their first night out, engaging Lucrezia in a match of wits she rarely enjoyed anymore. The tone was set for all further meetings, then – they traded ever wilder hypotheticals, debating every which way down the list of issues they’d put together on their first date.

Towards the end of her fifth year in office, he posed her a challenge. They’d each finished a heavy case in the same week and decided to celebrate with theatre and dinner. And thus, late into the wee hours and drunk on good wine, Wen leaned over the table and told her she could do better than just another run as Attorney General.

She could take on all those hypotheticals. Actually influence change.

The end of her term came and went – her replacement was elected to the position from the vast, squirming numbers below. The power vacuum left in the wake of the OPA bombing of the Peace Summit allowed her ample opportunity to present as the best possible candidate. A little string pull here, a small favour there – she slithered as cleanly from one role to the next as a snake shedding its mold.

And wouldn’t you know it, the Security Council were exactly her kind of people.


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