Lowrey Molidor

Lowrey Molidor
Personal Details
OccupationJuggles between jobs
Place of BirthSomewhere in the 7,641 islands of the Philippines, Eastasia, Earth
Faction AffiliationPatriotic towards Earth
HomeWashington, D.C., Earth
RelativesUnknown relatives



Skills and Traits

Optimistic, Character Flaw: Lowrey is very optimistic. That aspect of his personality makes him blind to the situation around him, and it will take a long time for him to be convinced that something is wrong. If succeeded, he will transition to the opposite side of the spectrum and will stay there for a while.

Skilled Repairman: Molidor acquired this experience from working in scrapyards. A part there and a part here, and he's got a working component.

Musician: Molidor owns an alto saxophone and likes to play it on the side. He bought it at 16 and has never let it go.

Rigman: Uncanny in nature, Molidor can somehow rig himself out of a sticky situation using parts around him.

Fluency in Languages: He has been around Earth, and he has been around Mars. Molidor can speak four languages including his native language. (FUTURE TRAIT)

Brittle: Space has taken a toll on him. His bones are brittle and are prone to fracturing. (FUTURE TRAIT)

Decreased Cardio Strength: Once the best basketball player in his team during his teen years, Molidor has steadily decreased in cardio strength and often has to catch his breath after a short time running.


Molidor has that Philippine jive about him and the accent to prove it. He is always positive and likes to joke around, even in life-threatening situations. Sometimes, his positive nature increases morale of those around him. He's not all sunshine though, because if prodded about his history, he'd shutdown completely and stay to himself for quite a while. Plus, he gets frustrated easily at stuff that irks him. Overall, he's had the experience and is a good guy to hang with.

He does currently hold a record of 16 beers without passing out in one sitting, and the next day, he'd be completely fine with no hangovers whatsoever.


A bastard child of a poor family, Molidor was born in a manufactured home. With little money and the economic downturn nigh, Molidor sought out for jobs at the young age of 9. He's had dreams of space since. After getting enough money, he provided himself with an immigration trip to the States at age 18 as an OFW, finally settling at a ghetto area of the District of Columbia, the former capital of the States. It was much different from the postcards of yesteryear, the Capitol Building in shambles and other history in equal dilapidated form. It was, his home.

Years of working at a scrapyard nearby provided him ample information about spacecraft that it allowed him to build one without killing himself. He planned to do this since he was 20 and quit the automobile junk job in D.C. in search of an spacecraft junkyard, but not without getting himself qualified for it which took him 2 years in a free college. Nevertheless, he was a qualified junker and took upon himself to employ immediately in a junk place in the suburbs, one hour away from his housing unit. There, he steadily worked on his spacecraft and blasted himself off Earth, only to find himself in the sights of a UNN ship.

This is Lowrey's handmade spacecraft, made from spaceship parts from the scrapyard including questionable Epstein drives. Its time in service would be put to question as Lowrey gets captured by a UNN ship. Image credit: Patryk Olas, https://www.artstation.com/patrykolas

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